Character List


Name: Adam
PB: Milo Ventimiglia
Player: Sue

Name: Drew hiatus
PB: Justin Long
Player: Taffy

Name: Eris
PB: Rose McGowan
Player: Taffy

Name: Janie
PB: Thora Birch
Player: Taffy

Name: Hannah
PB: Koda Kumi
Player: Lindsey

Name: Joy
PB: Amy Lee
Player: Jeremy

Name: Everett
PB: Keith David
Player: Dave

Name: Kaori
PB: Boa Kwon
Player: Taffy

Name: Esme
PB: Kristin Herrera
Player: Jeremy



Name: Indira
PB: Saira Liaqat
Player: Lindsey

Name: Addison
PB: Tania Raymonde
Player: Jules



Name: Shane
PB: Jesse McCartney
Player: Taffy

Name: Leo
PB: Shawn Ashmore
Player: Sue

Name: Jillian
PB: Brenda Song
Player: Lindsey

Name: Owen
PB: Russell Howard
Player: Severedscythe

Name: Svetlana
PB: Gemma Ward
Player: Jasmine

Name: Tobias
PB: Kett Turton
Player: Heather

Name: Will
PB: Gaspard Ulliel
Player: Faye



Name: Dale
PB: Yulia Volkova
Player: Jules

Name: Brett
PB: Brian Austin Green
Player: Sue

Name: Cheyenne
PB: Mosh
Player: Taffy

Name: Ronnie
PB: Otsuka Ai
Player: Dave

Name: Lilith
PB: Li Bing Bing
Player: Heather

Name: Glitch
PB: Erica Danger
Player: Jeremy



Name: Cam
PB: Brody Dalle
Player: Faye

Name: Brianna
PB: Megan Burns
Player: Heather

Name: Saj
PB: Dev Patel
Player: Jasmine

Name: Scott
PB: Kurt Angle
Player: Jeremy

Name: Jesse
PB: Jensen Ackles
Player: Taffy

Name: Salem
PB: Jessica Stam
Player: Crystal

Name: Sophie
PB: Miranda Kerr
Player: Lindsey



Name: Bethany
Experiment: C
PB: Isabel Lucas
Player: Tina



Name: Jack
PB: John Krasinski
Player: Jess

Name: Posy
PB: Julie Dreyfus
Player: Jasmine

Name: Stan
PB: Neil Patrick Harris
Player: Sue


Note: All character icons on this page are made by either Taffy or Sue Please feel free to take them for your character and use them. Credit: Hollow Art


A - F G - L M - R S - Z

Amy Lee
Aoi Miyazaki
Ben Foster
Billy Joe Armstrong
Boa Kwon
Brenda Song
Brian Austin Green
Brody Dalle
Bryan Greenberg
Cillian Murphy
Dev Patel
Eliza Dushku
Erica Danger
Farrah Summerford
Fiona Apple

Gaspard Ulliel
Gemma Ward
Hanna Beth
Isabel Lucas
Jensen Ackles
Jessica Stam
Jessica Tovey
Jesse McCartney
Jesse Spencer
John Krasinski
Julie Dreyfus
Justin Long
Kate Winslet
Keith David
Kett Turton
Kristin Herrera
Koda Kumi
Kurt Angle
Leighton Meester
Li Bing Bing

Matthew McConaughey
Megan Burns
Michelle Rodriguez
Milo Ventimiglia
Miranda Kerr
Neil Fallon
Neil Patrick Harris
Otsuka Ai
Rosario Dawson
Rose McGowan
Russell Howard
Ryan Gosling
Ryan Phillippe

Saira Liaqat
Shawn Ashmore
Sophie Okonedo
Tanya Raymonde
Thora Birch
Tom Sturridge
Trevor Ames
Yulia Volkova


For the sake of keeping things more interesting, we have decided not to allow very overused/high-profile/A-List celebrities as PBs.
Come on, everyone gets tired of seeing the same PBs all the time, right?
Generally: If it's an A-list celebrity please try and find someone else! Angelina Jolie
Ashley Simpson
Avril Lavigne
Brad Pitt
Britney Spears
Christina Aguilera
DR WHO / Torchwood cast - (At discretion of the mods. We'll allow some, but may ask for a change.)
Ellen Page
Hilary and Hailey Duff
Jessica Alba
Jessica Simpson
Joaquin Phoenix
Joseph Gordon Levitt
Lindsay Lohan
LOST cast - (At discretion of the mods. We'll allow some, but may ask for a change.)
LORD OF THE RINGS cast - (At discretion of the mods. We'll allow some, but may ask for a change.)
Mandy Moore
Members of Various Boybands
Natalie Portman
Nicole Richie
Olsen Twins
Paris Hilton
PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN cast - (At discretion of the mods. We'll allow some, but may ask for a change.)
Scarlett Johansson
SUPERNATURAL cast- (At discretion of the mods. We'll allow some, but may ask for a change.)
Thomas Dekker

Victoria Beckham

If there is a PB you would like to use, but are not sure if they would be blacklisted or not, please do not hesitate to ask a mod!
You may apply with a PB listed above, but we may decide to not allow it.

Reserved PBs

Non member reserves will be held for 72 hours.

Member reserves will be held indefinitely at mods discretion. If you would like to reserve a PB, please comment below.
Note to members:
You are only allowed to hold characters for yourself. You may not hold for other people.
If you do hold for other people, they run the very real risk of that PB being rejected.

Member Reserves

Taffy - Charlene Choi, Edward Furlong, Ivory Flame,
Sue - Brady Corbet, Juno Temple,
Lindsey - Delta Goodrum

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