Character Handwriting

For those who occasionally do handwritten journal entries, we have the option of character fonts available! Upon being accepted, find a font at (or another free font resource), and let us know which font your character will be using, and where our players can download it so they can see it too!

Adam | Ellianarelle's Path| DOWNLOAD
Camber | Pea Monica | DOWNLOAD
Dave | Hankee 2 | DOWNLOAD
Emma | Aleia | DOWNLOAD
Hannah | Pea Jenny Script | DOWNLOAD
Janie | Scribbled Monkey | DOWNLOAD
Jason | Wolves, lower | DOWNLOAD
Jillian | Pea Jeannie Script | DOWNLOAD
Lina | violation | DOWNLOAD
Nate | Come Unto Me | DOWNLOAD
Rebekah | Denrito | DOWNLOAD
Reno | Splurge | DOWNLOAD
Svetlana | Prophecy Script | DOWNLOAD

You do not have to choose a handwriting for your font, or do handwriting journals - though it is handy when the power's out! For those of you who choose to select handwriting fonts, comment with links to them at any time!