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What We're Looking For - Dos and Don'ts

Okay, so applying for a game is a fairly daunting prospect - we've all been there before and it's really hard, especially with a new game. What's too much? What's too little? What are the mods actually looking for anyway? So! We decided that we'd give you some guidelines, a little peep into the way we're thinking. This isn't meant to be a hard and fast ruleset, or quash your creativity or anything like that, but we're hoping it'll help you out, both in applying and figuring whether this is the game for you or not. We're aware that you're checking us out just as much as we're checking you out, after all!

This is a game where there are going to be adult situations, pretty fucked up shit, and all within the realms of as close to reality as we can get. This isn't a supernatural game, this isn't a fandom game, this isn't a celebrity game. If what you're looking for is any of those, or a game where you just have your characters wandering happily around trying to get themselves ships or whatever--you should probably find someplace else, because this place will frustrate you.

Okay, so you've decided you're still applying. Excellent! How do you go about that?

If you've looked around a bit before coming to this page, you'll have seen that we've got three types of characters available - participants, interns and volunteers. We'll be upfront and say that what you have there is three levels of characters. On all levels, we're looking for well thought-out, well balanced and original characters, but you have to bear in mind what each group would have been through. The participants have lived the last 9 months of their lives in an experiment where they've been tested, some groups to the limit (physical and mental). They're going to have a lot of issues. The interns, well they had to watch and monitor the experiments - occasionally join in (drugging the participants, moving them round, putting tests in place etc), so really they're not going to come out of that unscathed either (unless they already had issues, but that's another matter). And then you have the volunteers - no past issues needed for them, if you want a character who is brand new to all of this, we suggest you play a volunteer.

Things we're looking for: Make your character interesting, make them unique, don't feel the need to always make them American - this game encompasses the whole world. We're happy to look at people from all over, we'd love to see characters from nationalities that aren't normally represented in RPG, even characters that don't necessarily speak English, or speak poor English. Use your imaginations.

That said, we're also looking for characters that are realistic and well-researched. The internet is a wonderful tool - use it. These days there's no excuse for not having at least a passing knowledge of your character's backstory. Please don't play a medical condition you're not willing to look into the reality of, or a culture you know nothing about. Unfortunately, we have players here who probably do know about those things and mistakes can be picked up easily. Nobody expects you to be a subject authority, but at least a wikipedia-level knowledge would be appreciated.

What Not To Do

First of all...MarySue's, we're looking at you. Please don't try to get in with a character that's so super special in their backstory that it's wholly unbelievable. Yes, we're looking for a lot of characters with issues. We're well aware of the type of game we set up. But we're also looking for realism.

That means that we're looking for character balance. We're of the opinion that weaknesses make a character interesting. But, that's not the be-all and end-all to a character.

Don't try to get in with a character who's been passed around and abused their whole life, going into excessive territory. We get those all the time. The tragic, ungodly tortured individual who for some reason not only survived it all, but survived it with a sweet disposition and no deeply scarring psychological issues that are so fucked up they'd never fit into proper society. Everyone hates those. So please, just...don't try. If you need to look up MarySue, go do that, then look at your character again before submitting. Another thing to remember here is that counseling does exist. If your character had issues before the experiments, they're allowed to have had counseling. Also, you may be asked to put your character through counselling in game for their issues - please be prepared to work with that.

Don't make your character ZOMG!AWESOME!! Everyone hates those characters too. What we're looking for the absolute most in this entire game are deeply flawed characters--but ones that actually work in a realistic setting/come off realistically. For experiment participants, people who survived incredibly messed up stuff, and have not necessarily come out on the other side with every marble they went in with. For interns, the same thing could have happened. Or, either one could have developed weird tics and obsessions that really just aren't 'right'. But no, your character isn't the shit, with a million strengths, impossible skill sets, etc. Yes, your characters can have their strong points--they'd be boring without them--just don't overload. One of the second most common things we see are people who just want to pile on the Cool on a character--which makes them overpowered and unbelievable as well as undesirable for such a setting/for others to play off of. We aren't looking for Rambo, who went through the experiments and was just fine, and only got more badass along the way.

Be careful about reusing characters. We all have characters that we love and adore and want to find a new home for. This is perfectly fine and we have nothing against recycling characters, but be sure that you can comfortably fit a character into this setting. Shoehorning them in, or making them something that they're not just to fit a new game environment is just going to make things frustrating and non-enjoyable for you and confusing for everyone else. We've seen this done so many times before (including, we admit, with some of our own characters) and unless the character fits into the setting, it just doesn't work.

Another thing. Let's talk sexuality. We are not adverse to homosexuals at all. But, what we're not looking for is to turn this game into some yaoi/slash-fest. As with everything else, we're looking for balance. Which is why we ask for your character's sexuality up front. To be able to maintain the game balance. We're a slash-friendly community but we are not, and never will be a slash dominated community. Not least because the emphasis in this game should never be sex and sexuality in the first place. If that's all you're interested in? We wish you luck in finding a home for your character. But seriously, gay characters are welcome, but there has to be more to the character than 'he/she's gay' ( and yes, we have had applications where 'he's gay' was basically the entire personality and yes, they were rejected.)

What To Do

Strengths are something that are good to have with a character, but people tend to overload on. For good strengths, definitely try thinking about what's realistic, and not necessarily over the top. A lot of decent strengths come from smaller things, that can be put into play naturally. For instance, having a character who can be charming--that's definitely a good strength. Now wording it that they're so charming no one could ever resist them and they could get into the pants of anything with a heartbeat, that's over the top.

Weaknesses are one thing that are huge for the application process. One thing to definitely keep in mind, is to make sure your weaknesses are relevant. Some weaknesses are perfectly valid--but won't actually apply during the course of the game. Those won't be accepted as weaknesses--which doesn't mean you can't have them, just that for your main four, we'll need ones that will definitely effect your characters during game play. For example, fear of urban areas really wouldn't apply for our game. Another thing to keep in mind is that for weaknesses, choose things that will actively hamper your character in some way. While being allergic to dust is a pain in the's not actually going to mess with your character a lot, and therefore wouldn't be accepted. Also, while we're quite weakness-happy (we like a lot of them), try not to overload your character with too many, or so debilitating ones that they're not playable. A lot of weaknesses can all play in together, to create a compelling, interestingly flawed individual that will be fun to play as well as play off of.

Another thing about weaknesses - have a good balance of types of weaknesses. Weaknesses fall into three general categories: personality weaknesses, lifestyle weaknesses, and physical weaknesses. Personality weaknesses are internal weaknesses - short tempers, personality disorders, 'mental' weaknesses (not including phobias). Lifestyle weaknesses are almost everything else - phobias, weaknesses based on other people, that kind of thing. Physical is self explanatory - diseases, missing limbs, etc. Physical weaknesses are fine in their own right, but shouldn't dominate a weakness section. A good weakness selection will take from both personality and lifestyle weakness types. A bad weakness selection will only take from the lifestyle group - the ones which don't have to be integrated so much into the character's personality and history and often when we as mods are reading an app, it seems like someone has written a character up and then gone 'oh shit, I need weaknesses' and not actually integrated them into the character. A good set of weaknesses should flow throughout the app, so they make sense for the character. This will also make it easier for you to play the weaknesses in game, because they make sense.

Be comfortable with your character's background. For example, if you choose a career for your character that could be relevant in-game (such as doctor, counsellor, plumber, electrician, mechanic etc) please be aware that you may be required to play it in game, so ensure that it'd be something that you'd be comfortable playing. For example, don't apply for a counsellor unless you're willing to actually play out counselling sessions with other characters if needed. For some people, this would be an attractive and exciting challenge. For some people it would be their worst RP nightmare. Just know which one you are upfront. If in doubt about something - discuss it with a mod. We're happy to help you out with ideas.