Abu Dhabi (public entry)

I had missed my connection in Abu Dhabi - my first flight delayed from Charles de Gaulle. It was Ramadan and the plane finally touched down at sunset. I walked through the almost empty airport, listening to the calls from the local mosques echo through the cavernous halls. It was almost deserted there. I've been to many airports over the years, but that remains with me - how few people there were. All the shops closed up as their vendors went to finally be able to eat.

[public] 7 Oct 2008

Alone in a dark house -- something I hate. Everyone is sleeping, I think, except myself. It's a little comfort to know that I am not really alone: there are people sleeping upstairs, and perhaps even the movements I imagine or the sounds of the house may be theirs. If I needed them I could call out to them. But I don't know them, and they do not know me, not well.

And neither do you. I've been reticent to use this computer. This computer, that like in my old room, stays lit when nothing else does. But then again, I was never able to talk to those whose words sometimes appeared on my screen. And here, I can.

So let me introduce myself. My name is Will; I'm from the experiment they called C (and before that, Michigan, and before that, France...). I'm 23 years old, a psychology student. Is there anyone else out there, reading?

Guess I Should Warn... {Public}


Okay I'm trying really hard to type details but its just not working so I guess I'll have to vague it up. I go deaf at random and for unknown lengths of time. So - people of the house, anyone who manages to get to the house - if you're speaking to me and I don't answer you, that's why.

- Tobias

P.S. Okay, the power is out and the computer is still on. What the fuck?

private to the people in charge

I'm unsure if this will work or not, but thought I would give it a try. We have individuals in town who's medication supplies are running low. I request that they be replenished. If not, I request that the hospital be put back into working order, with the requisite medications located there. I will find a way to get there and get to those in need if this is opted for.

How Is Everyone?

I just wanted to check in with people. How is everyone doing? Does anyone need to talk about anything? Are the households(as I understand it) working alright for people? If anyone wants to talk, I know with the weather as it is that I can't come to you or vice versa, but there's always the private message system, or the phones...I believe they're still working. I'm available whenever you need me to be.


PM to Janie

I'm back, freak.

009. public entry.

I've never seen so much snow come at once. There were storms in Licupe, yes, but nothing quite like this. It's almost as if mother nature is plotting against us, trying to break our spirits.

PM to Leah


We have someone here who's possibly suffering from exposure - got caught out last night in the snow storm, appeared back at the house this morning. I have her wrapped up and warming and started her on antibiotics and antipyretics, but I'm not doctor. I don't know about your place, but we're mostly snowed in today, but if sometime in the next few days you can get over here, would really appreciate a proper medical opinion. In the meantime, any advice on anything more I should be doing? We're in the vicarage.


What do people do?

Don't know if this has already been addressed, but now we're on our own, what did people do on the outside? What skills do people have? We should all know this.

PM to Bethany

Hey, are you alright? I was kinda distracted yesterday so I couldn't try to find you, and now I'm stuck. So. Are you alright?