sent during the night, private to experiment e

So...any advice you lot have for me on what to do? I kinda sorta possibly accidentally pissed off a batshit insane woman, and it's possible she threatened me because I wouldn't sleep with her. So...yeah. I'm off to a fabulous start, obviously--any of you know Joy? And is she just that fucking scary, or am I overreacting here?

Rio de Janeiro

The plan was to get there early. The plan for me, anyhow. For everyone else - who knew? We didn't make plans, really. I didn't even know who would show. It had been an off-and-on topic of conversation for the whole year. Whoever I met, whoever they met, messages going around between people who met, who travelled together for a day, a week, couple of months, whatever. People who seemed alright. Meet up in Rio, for New Year. New Year at Copacabana.

I'd never been, but everyone's heard of that, right? The carnival there, on the beach. Who could pass that up.

PM to Posy

Who are you?


Interrupting your regular batshittery

To bring you this breaking news.

I have the Benny Hill song stuck in my head and I can't get it out.

Private to Scientists

A curious thing has been told to me, lab-coated ones. Something I hadn't quite noticed before. I have been told we can make requests of you though I don't know if it will work. Still, we'll see. To the request - a kitten, black and white tuxedo preferred. Spayed/neutered. Not that it would really be capable of adding to the pet population I suppose but the request still stands.

PM to Tobias

Hey sweetie. Really wanted to get over there to check on you today, but just couldn't get through the weather. Everything okay down on the farm?

Private. To the scientists.

Hello. I am unsure if this is the correct means of contacting you, but it cannot hurt to try.
I am not sure what you're trying to achieve with the dollhouse, but it seems to have no real purpose.
I did not volunteer to be part of any experiment. I wanted to observe the effects. As such, if you are restarting the tests (which it seems you are), I would like to help you with this. I want to know what the experiments are in aid of. Please contact me in some way if you recieve this message, and give me instructions.

Posy Lewisham

Well, that settles it.

So. Did anyone else get freaky boxes filled with crap or was it just us? This is like those fucking masks all over again. As if that wasn't bad enough.

Bethany, I'm gunna try to get out to you today. Heads up.


Hello everyone. I've just arrived in town, and got a different story than is the case, but I'm kind of getting the impression they're doing that to everyone. My name is Cheyenne, and I was in Experiment D. (So, HI fellow experiment participants! I've missed you!) Let's see, a little about myself. I like taking pictures, I'm kind of working at becoming an artist, I used to be a model. I used to be part of the council that we set up together in my experiment as well, I'm really not sure what's going on with society-structure in town, if anything? Anyone want to give me the rundown?

so where're you lot at?

So, I haven't quite had my coffee yet this morning, so I could just be cranky, but what the fuck? No, seriously. What the fuck. We get told we're rescued then get put into a new part of the experiment? Rude fucking awakening, if you ask me.

Jesse here, experiment E so I'm told.

Where's my people at? Who's made it this far?

Does anyone know anything about my daughter, Jessie, or her mother, Veronica? Any information at all would be good, they were meant to come into the experiment as well but we weren't told there were more than one, and I've not heard anything about either one of them. Any help would be appreciated, please, I've been trying for ages to get any answers but no one would tell me shit. Thank you.