Requests and offers (public)

Again, hello to all. My first entry here was deliberately done when many of you were tending to a crisis, but my first day here wasn't a pleasant one on most levels. So I'd like to just say hello again. Hi.

PM to Camber


I want to say first that I know this sort of message is even harder to receive than it is to write. I'm grateful for the fact that Jesse trusts you, I want you to know that. Please believe that this is in the sincerest of faith.

private journal entry

When I became aware of the situation in town, I knew that things weren't over. I thought I was prepared for that. But waking up today and realizing very quickly that Lina and Dave are gone, and recieving any pms to them, or Kales or Emma back as undelivered...I can't help but feel that I thought I was better prepared than I am. They were gone before, and right when I had them back in my life, they are gone again. I never even had time to sit down properly with Dave, I've been so busy trying to care for Svetlana. I'm even taking time out at the moment from her case notes to write this down.

PM to Leah

You said you'd come over. To visit the woman who was sick.

You didn't.

She's better now. No thanks to you.


'Sup bitches!

Hey hey! It's Glitch! I just got here a couple hours ago and dumped into the Addams Family house with Brett. Where my other tunnel rats at?

Opening a library! [public]

So, apparently I've inherited a shitload of trashy romance novels. If anyone else is into that sort of thing, feel free to drop by and pick a couple up. I know I won't run out anytime soon! We're on Maple, right by the park.


Dear Wendy #2 {Private, Handwritten}

Dear Wendy,


I seek those of the bunker and tunnels. I am called Lilith.

I shall venture to be polite and chatty.
This continuation of torment, excuse me, is very loud isn't it?

PM to Jesse

Jesse, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to snap at you. I feel... I don't know. Scared, definitely. I just woke up here an hour ago, and there were these pictures? And I'm scared, I don't know where Jessie is and it terrifies me. I hoped, every day when I was gone, that you'd backed out, that you had her and the two of you were safe. So when you showed up on my screen? God, it makes me want to cry again.

Hello? (public)

The house is quiet now, the others have gone to see the decorations, whatever they are. I didn't like doing this before, in the other place, but if Cheyenne's here then maybe other people from before are too? And Tobias told me there'd been... other experiments? Which means there's more here still. So, whether I've met you before or not, hello. My name's Veronica, I was in one of the experiments, and now I feel like I've walked into an AA meeting. Or started one. Whichever, I just know I'm feeling saner with a cup of coffee in hand.