[pm to brianna, everett, and addison]

Hey. It's Camber. Does anyone know what's going on? (And who am I talking to? Can we only talk to each other?)

psychotic fucking bitch -- viewable to everyone but Joy

So, just for everyone's knowledge here, heads up, Everett, but there's a psychotic bitch named Joy in town, who as far as I can tell, wanted sex out of me, and when I wasn't into it, she got psycho whore on me and keyed my car. And I do mean my car. I got it back when it was christmas the other day. Thought I'd give people the head's up, because yeah. Fucking bitch. She seemed off and crazy before the keying, so I'm not thinking she's the most stable either. So...watch out for her. whatever.

[PM to Tobias]

Hey sweetie, just letting you know that I'm okay. I know Will messaged you earlier, but I'm feeling well enough to actually get out of bed for a few minutes at a time at least. Just wanted you to know.

Thanks for everything yesterday. And if you see the others, tell them too.

private messages

private to ronnie
I really wish I would have woken up with you. How're you holding up today?

private to camber
Everything okay?

private to all experiment e folks, everett & ronnie
Who wants to find alcohol, a place to hang out, and watch movies or something? I'm feeling the need for something vaguely normal.

private to owen

I've been moved back to my house. Don't look for me.
You're going to get hurt if you let people in so easily.
I'm dangerous you know. They locked me up.


[PM to Tobias]


Scott's here - back at the house. We're on Oakdale by the park, I don't know if you knew that. He's resting now, but he wanted us to let you know that he's here, and that he's okay. He was concerned that you'd be worried when everyone woke up re-set -- he wanted to know if you're okay. Leah lives here, and she's going to go for medicine, I think, in a bit. We're all trying to help.

I don't mean to overstep my boundaries, for you or for him, but I think he'd be pleased to see you when you're able.

Please let me know if you want me to tell him anything, or even if you need anything. I'd like to help where I can.



I knew, of course, that it used to be busier. I was told, by taxu drivers, locals - the tourists used to come in droves, but that was before the bombs. 2002, 2005 - it was quieter now. But I wasn't looking for droves, I was looking for beauty. People just got in the way of that.

I ended up with monkeys! I was tired of the beach after a while and travelled to Ubud - looking this time for culture. I ended up at the sacred monkey forest (who the hell has a sacred monkey forest, I though - this I had to see...). The entrance was guarded, seemingly, by two giant stone statues - monkeys, of course. I wandered around for most of the day and there were statues all around. I stood in front of one for ages, just looking, until I was driven away by a chattering monkey - think I was on his patch or something. I didn't stay in one place for long after that.

private to everett // private to leah

I have discovered today that Dave, Lina, Kales and Emma have been removed. I thought you would like to know this, because it effects the situation with the town and everyone in it, along with the fact that I know you and Kales at least were friends. I am sorry for the loss, and in general. I hope to get together with you soon, so we can discuss ideas for the town in general, and structure for people to have. Structure is usually helpful in times of crisis. Not that it's ever worked properly before, however I wish to try anyhow.
Contact me any time, I hope you are well.

PS [private, handwritten]

"his awkwardness to say more tells me it's not something he takes lightly" - from Veronicas note to me

. . .I really need to go to bed, because I'm reading this wrong.

That boy's head is all with his family. A blind poodle could tell that.

And anyway, what do I care? I don't. We're just . . . "friends".

What the fuck.

[private, handwritten]

...so I wasn't expecting THAT.

Those. These things.
Seriously, I think if I get anymore "here, have some distractions from crazy assholery" in the next week I'm just going to go crazy. I have a bass and loud punk music. Bri has a kitten that I am totally going to take advantage of petting rights to.

I have a certain distraction back in my life (even if he needs more distracting than I do at the moment: seriously, if sex doesn't work I'm going to have to bludgeon him until the "fuck up" part of his brain shortcircuits).
I have a certain distraction whose girlfriend took the nice pills.

WHO IS THAT NICE? It's goddamn weird, that's what. "Oh, hey, your kid's dad has a ...thing with me. A thing where we fuck." "Cool!"

...I mean, the only thing I can think of is that this is some oblique way to make me feel weirdly guilty. (Mostly because it's...working.)

I don't even know, dude.