[private/to scientists]

Look, could you just motherfucking take care of the girl with the meds issues?

...yeah, whatever. I doubt you're even reading this.
A+ for effort, though. Nilla wafers and crocheted blankets and everything.

[pm to shane]

Shane, you have Jillian on one of your computers, yes? Coudl you ask her if she can get ahold of Saj? I know he had her too...

I think he might be hurt, or something may have happened. I can't get him to PM me, and he told me he'd be right back. He was trying to get through one of his "windows"...

PM to Camber (mid-late afternoon)

Any word from the doc yet?

She's getting sleepy. Really sleepy. I don't know what to do here. She's asking if a cold shower would help, but I don't know and I don't want to tell her to do something that might make things worse.

Ko Samui - Private Journal Entry (but also copied by PM to Dale, Lilith, Joy and Janie)

White sands, clear ocean, palm trees. It was like something out of a film, or an advert. I half expected some woman to come prancing along in a bikini advertising Bounty. But a thought like that feels like cheapening it now.

Private Journal Entry

I don't know where I am. I don't know what I'm doing here, or where they've sent me. I'm in a set of rooms, all alone. With computers and people saying terrible things (and confusing things about making faces with letters...). Is this some kind of a dream? A nightmare? I've pinched myself, but I haven't woken up.

I don't know what to do.

Dear Wendy #3 {Private, Handwritten}

Dear Wendy,

Private to the scientists

I don't know if this will ever actually happen, but if you ever get in the mood to start giving out gifts again, I would like one of those speech synthesizer computer things. I'm getting tired of having trouble communicating with people, and it would make life a lot easier.

Of course if you plan on keeping us penned up here, it's kind of worthless, but yeah.

PM to Eris

Stockard, what the fuck is going on over there? I just got word that someone (you, apparently) is overdosing. I won't waste time asking if you're okay, so you'd better be.

[pm to brianna, everett, and addison]

Hey, any of you have anyone with a Dave or a Leah? Or anyone with some usable medical experience? Brett has a girl on his end who he thinks might have OD'd on something.

PM to Stan and Bri

Okay, I think I've figured this out. It's Scott, if you know me. So far I've contacted Jesse and Tobias. Who is this?