Please pretend there's a witty, funtime title here...

[public journal entry]

I find it hard to shift the shadow of the experiment I was involved in when the first thing I see when I move into the house they assigned to me is a computer with journalling capabilities. It brings back memories, ones I'd prefer to forget if I'm being honest. And why not be honest - apparently we're here for counselling and reintegration, as well as the fact that they feel they can't just let us go. International red tape or something.

[001] And God said, "Let there be some fucked up Pleasantville bullshit out in the middle of B.F.E. Russia."

So I guess this is the part where we all play happy fun introduction time? Okay, fine. If you insist. I'm Hannah. I'm with Janie in that 'Gigantic Mansion of Fucking Doom' or whatever the hell she said is better than Experiment A, but whatever, that's where I spent the last 10 months or so. I don't know about everyone else, but I thought it was a total blast. Like, super awesome, tea parties and kittens every day.


Anyway, there you go. No one's invited over for tea or any other happy fun socializing activities. I like my privacy and I have a freaking huge dog to help me keep it. Rock over London, rock on Chicago. Heinz, it's America's favorite ketchup.

001. public entry.

It seems as if they've finally gotten around to bringing the rest along. Good. The lack of activity was beginning to remind me of hom—Wyoming. At least it isn't like the—never mind. Nothing could be like that.

A Shoutout To All My Homies (and for all you other sad bastards too)

>>>------[Public Entry]------<<<

Why hello there, friends and neighbors. Welcome to the End of the Suck. Or, that's what we're told anyways. That's what I was told.(Yes. I'm paraphrasing. Get used to it. If I wanted to get into technical psychobabble bullshit laced with legalese, I'd be waiting for my eyes to get ripped out. NO. You don't know what that means. Fuck off with your technicalities bullshit and keep reading.) I don't know about you. You could have been told there were pink pony rides and a free unicorn petting zoo coming your way, but I'm doubting that. Anyways, here we are, in this town. Where we're expected to live for an undisclosed amount of time. Peachy, says I.

Whatever. So there were other experiments too. Fucked up. Hi, I'm Janie, I was in the experiment of the Mansion Of Weird Fucking Doom in the Middle of the Goddamn Bloody Forsaken Woods. I think the rescue dudes referred to my case as having been from experiment 'a'. I like my title better. At least it's more accurate.

Anyways. If anyone wants the rundown on what happened to us, I can tell you. I'd want to know what happened to the rest of you insane yahoos who decided this experiment bullshit was a good fucking plan. We all need our heads examined. And oh hey look--we're all required to do that, so guess that's covered.

Anyhow, hey everyone that got out of that hellhole alive. I'm at number 13 Lime Street, right overlooking the cemetery. Which---who else finds that fucked up? Show of hands. Who else wants to go digging up one of the plots to see if there's a casket and corpse? Volunteers, please see me privately.

For those of you who don't know who the fuck I am, I'm Janie(as previously stated). (Gavin's living here with me, for anyone looking for him.) I do tarot readings. So, should you want one, come over, I'll do one for you. The world doesn't end for another few years, and it's going to be boring until then. Might as well kill some time.

The card of the day is:
The High Priestess
Not a bad card, kids, honestly we could do one hell of a lot worse.

Meaning: Enlightenment. Intuition, resourcefulness, independence, meditation, growth, evaluation, consciousness, mystery, inner illumination.

So, we've all just been given a big dose of 'oohhh so that's it', really, so this entire card and everything it means is probably pertaining to that, and I dare say our experience all being tossed in together in this town. It's one big melting pot of fucked up, damaged people, if no one learned a goddamn thing I'd be even more frightened for humanity. (As it stands I don't especially care we're all going to die in a few years anyways. So, have some fun, at least.)

And that was my PSA for the day. Later. I have a cemetery to go walking in.