journal entry around 2pm

Hey guys, I finally got up here, took me long enough, and then it was pretty anticlimactic. No idea what I expected or anything, but yeah. My stuff. I guess this is my house now? Anyways, I just wanted to know if anyone wanted to go out with me. Look around town, all that, since I didn't get a chance before, and y'know, everything was pretty boarded up. Is it still boarded up? Does anyone know?

Do we want to check on people who might not have come up yet? I've been kinda thinking about it...but I don't know where people are yet, I have this map but I don't know. Where does concern for people's safety kinda clash with privacy? Anyone got any opinions on this?

And where are my girls? Where are my guys? Please tell me people are out there, and I didn't come up to a world where I'm alone.


pm to jillian, adam, esme, lillith

As loathe as I am to play along with this pathetic display from these so-called scientists, I simply refuse to pee in the sink.

I have a code for someone named...oh for goodness sake, I don't know. "Itchy Tasty" or something equally childish.
And apparantly I am "Porthole Jackie Hacke".

I cannot help but feel this is quite beneath me. I am not a 7 year old and I do not wish to play games like one.


A rather befuddled message for Will & Jillian

dint break out. hit head. feel...bad. can't see straight. forehead like a golfball.
stuffs all locked n i gota wierd messge. whos sandy deadweight and do they have asprin?

think ima throw up.

Pms to Brianna, Brett, Jesse and Svetlana

Alone again, huh? Owen here.

I got this as a message today, and I'm not sure if you guys have seen this. I'm sending this message out to everyone, because well, yeah.

Raargh "Itchy Tasty" Muurgh is my name for the day. I've got a code. which is 4432. I don't know what it does. I think it's supposed to go to Pirate Corliss the Dagger. whoever that is.

How're you guys holding up?

PM to Cheyenne, Eris, and Glitch

So I already told Camber I'm not fucking playing pirate for these assholes. If they want me to piss in a corner, I'll end up doing it. Let's hope it doesn't come to that, though. The name and number I was told to look for on my terminal were as follows: Cap'n Hillary Leadsword, 8671. If any of you find someone who got saddled with that goofy shit, congrats. You or they can now take a shower. That's what I figure at least; they're making us swap information along these fucking terminals just to get the basic facilities opened up.

PM to Everett, Brett, Addison and Brianna

Ahoy, me beauties. I woke to find the galley and head's been locked away! Some foul bilge rat's been here in the night! And me having had too much grog...aargh. (Seriously. They MUST drug us. I don't get hangovers and I feel like shit.)

I be looking for one Apathetic Carolyn Sparrow. I believe she'll be needing my assistance, for her number does me no good. Perchance she has mine? Tell her this: 7539.

And if anyone hears my name about these parts from any other landlubber, report back smart-like. Or you'll have hell to pay!

Noseless Audra Slasher

PM to Glitch, Posy and Cheyenne

Apparently we are likely to have the same message on our computer. And the kitchen and bathrooms are locked. I have the following message:

Good morning Grah "Happy Days" Mmnah. We hope you are well, and you have Cap'n Hillary Leadsword 8671 - do with it what you will.

(I don't know if I copied that correctly).

Salem also has a 'cryptic message' which I assume is akin to mine.

PM to Everett

So the word from Brett is that you have Eris (let's just skip the part where I'm not supposed to know who it is and jump to "I have a giant chart of who can talk to who") talking to you and he doesn't anymore. Or you will shortly. Or something.

Brett wants me to tell you that he said to make fucking sure that you keep talking to her. We don't know if her going to sleep is going to kill her or not and, I quote, "(you) better do it" (sorry, better FUCKING do it) because Brett doesn't trust Eris to keep herself awake.

Kaori keep her awake and let her know other people are looking out for her. We've got messages out to Stan but I haven't gotten anything returned to me yet and I'll be getting back to you if I hear anything.

Sorry to be abrupt but I'm transcribing here. And also, tired. I'll be by the computers if you need me.

PM to Posy

are you indira?

MSG to Adam, Jillian and Everett

Hey everyone, it's Glitch again. Like who else could it be on this computer, right? Anyways, I finally got a ping on my other computer- it's a girl named Addison who's looking for someone named Indira, who's a relative or something like that. Sounds really important, and I'm all about bringing families together if I can.

Anyways, if you can help, or have someone in your box that can, let me know, kthxbai!