PM to Jesse

Jesse, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to snap at you. I feel... I don't know. Scared, definitely. I just woke up here an hour ago, and there were these pictures? And I'm scared, I don't know where Jessie is and it terrifies me. I hoped, every day when I was gone, that you'd backed out, that you had her and the two of you were safe. So when you showed up on my screen? God, it makes me want to cry again.

I'm not going to, not if I can help it. And no matter how I feel? I want to see you. I can't promise I'll be okay, but I want to. I'm staying on, I don't know, it looks like a farm? Tell me where you are or where you'd like to meet, and when. I'll be there. I'm sorry Jesse, I can't say that enough.

- Veronica