Wherever you go, there you are (public)

I'm not quite sure where to start here. I went to sleep and woke up here. Wherever here is, anyways. I figured that, like in the old house, the best place to go for info was always the computer. I'm Scott Thomas, 40 year old gay man, and from what I've been able to gather from the computer, I was in Experiment E, I guess. I can't imagine what you've all been through. I'm so sorry.

So yeah, I guess, hi? Is there anything I should know? I peeked out my window, but this town looks so deserted. Bri? Cam? Did I see your names on here somewhere or am I going crazier?

 - .

uh, hi!

The towns not deserted. Uhm, if you want to find the people you're looking for, your best bet might be the directory. They update it sometimes, I think. Its a good way to keep track of who's where.

 - .

Thanks. I'm still finding my way through the computer system. I've never been that good with them, but I'm figuring it out.

 - .

It's all good. I'm not too great with them either. I know enough to type and use the clicky buttons. I'm Owen, by the way. Nice to meet you.

 - -

Thanks, nice to meet you too. I'll probably venture out in the morning. Less chance of something wanting to eat me.

 - .

Hello Scott. It's Brianna. I live on Elm next to Camber. Please come over. I would feel much more comfortable having some muscle close by if you don't mind being used as such.

 - ..

Oh, honey! I'm so glad you got out okay! Thank God! I'm on Elm too, so I bet I'm really close by. I'll check the directory and be over soon!

 - .

I have this feeling that you shouldn't be thanking god just yet.

 - _

another E? guess you're all coming in from the woodwork. welcome welcome, you won't like it here.

 - .

That's what I'm gathering. Thanks.

 - .

Scott! I think we all thought you were dead. We all being...well, me, and maybe Bri, at this point. Anyway, it's good to see you, man. I'm sort of new here too. I guess I was the forward line, sort of (which is weird considering I left pretty late).

You should know:
There's a bear in town (unless they've killed it or it's wandered back out the way it came)
The town's not utterly deserted but apparently, some people are missing...more people than usual, I guess?
People are stocking up on food, preparing for the worst. I think there's some official preparations being made around town, at the church and some other places, but I haven't gotten there yet.

That's all I got. Good to see that you're made it, even if this isn't really Awesometown.

 - |

Oh, sweetie, I think everyone was working under the assumption that all the others were long gone, be it rescued or... well anyways. Glad to see you're ok, although I'm starting to think it's not as good a thing as I had hoped.

And when you say bear, I assume it's too much to hope that you mean a big burly man in leather, I take it? Ick. I ran into something I think was a wolf out there, I don't have any desire to get into it with anything that can devour me again.

The three of us need to get together and compare notes, SOON.

 - \

Sadly no men in leather here...at least not that I've spotted. Strangely enough the club scene here seems to be a little lacking.

Everett was asking people to go ahead and make sure everyone on the directory is still here, so Bri and I were going to meet at her house (4 Elm St) and check from there. If you like, you could join up?

 - +

Let me just pull myself together and I'll be there.