A rather befuddled message for Will & Jillian

dint break out. hit head. feel...bad. can't see straight. forehead like a golfball.
stuffs all locked n i gota wierd messge. whos sandy deadweight and do they have asprin?

think ima throw up.

 - .

Well, shit. Jillian bit her lip, reading Saj's message. That would be why he hadn't replied back last night after trying to break out. Which meant he probably had a concussion. Weren't people who had those not supposed to sleep? She didn't know. She also knew that if people had any hope of getting into the kitchen and bathroom today, they needed him passing messages along.

Okay. I'm going to try to find a doctor for you, man, but for now you need to focus as much as you can. Your best chance of getting anything for your head is to get your kitchen or bathroom unlocked - they've got keypads now. As far as I can tell, we've all got pirate names and have the names and code of someone else's lock. So it's Telephone time until we get everything matched up. If you can, write down both names and the code and send them to everyone you can talk to, and pass along all the ones you get back. I'm Pirate Audra the Off-White, and I'm looking for "Aaaeiaaagh "Brains MoFo" the Sloppy" whose code is 2333. I know you can do it - you'll be fine, I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

 - .

Saj felt like his face was exploding in slow motion. He couldn't see straight, just wanted to curl up and lie down. Choked back the feeling of vomit rising up in his chest and pressed his fists into his eyes for a few minutes before answering Jillian. God, the darkness felt good. He didn't remember much - just the chair flying at him and then suddenly, he was on the floor, and it was hours later, and everything was pain.

But she wanted him to give her a name or something? Urrggghhh. Usually he would've found all this pirate stuff funny, but he couldn't quite absorb half the information. He felt like it took him far too long to memorise the 4 digits on screen, and the slightest movement of his head? The slow motion exploding revved itself up a couple of gears while his brain tried to catch up with his skull.

1369 i think. and i'm...a weird word i cant really unrstand and messy flamer?
im not gona go sleep. but it hurts yeah.

i...uh... i knoced myself out with a chair. dont laugh.

they;l let me out wont they? they wont let me stay in here if im all fucked up?

 - .

Saj, keep talking to us. You probably have a concussion. That means you must stay awake, all right?

Do you remember what the message said your name was? We have to find the person with your name.

 - .

duno. cant remember without going back to look and the computer screens hurt my eyes.
i told jillian. she nows.
they wil have to let me out now i'm all buggered up in my head, won't they?