pm to jillian, adam, esme, lillith

As loathe as I am to play along with this pathetic display from these so-called scientists, I simply refuse to pee in the sink.

I have a code for someone named...oh for goodness sake, I don't know. "Itchy Tasty" or something equally childish.
And apparantly I am "Porthole Jackie Hacke".

I cannot help but feel this is quite beneath me. I am not a 7 year old and I do not wish to play games like one.


 - .

No one wants to play along, but we don't exactly have a choice, do we? Suck it up and deal. We're just going to have to pass this stuff back and forth until we all find a match. Before I send it along, though, be sure it's the full, right name, and please send me the matching code. I guess I'm "Pirate Audra the Off-White" and I've got "Fruity Gwyn Dread" and their code is 1830.

 - .

The code is 4432.