private journal entry

When I became aware of the situation in town, I knew that things weren't over. I thought I was prepared for that. But waking up today and realizing very quickly that Lina and Dave are gone, and recieving any pms to them, or Kales or Emma back as undelivered...I can't help but feel that I thought I was better prepared than I am. They were gone before, and right when I had them back in my life, they are gone again. I never even had time to sit down properly with Dave, I've been so busy trying to care for Svetlana. I'm even taking time out at the moment from her case notes to write this down. I have more to say on the subject, but it seems futile for me to record it. I recorded it last time, and it did no good then either.

I hope they're safe, but don't generally believe that to be the truth.