Game time (public)

So here we are, new day for the lot of us. And judging from my last entry, the majority of you have opted to distribute weapons around the town. I'd like to remind everyone that there's no requirement to take one, if you don't feel comfortable with a gun. That said, I'll be up at the church for most of today doing some repairs and cleaning, trying to prep the place in case we ever need options for shelter or a meeting point. Anyone who'd like to help is welcome. And since I'm already going to be lugging quite a bit of weight up there between tools, supplies, and the guns, I have an open favor to ask of anyone and everyone.

If you decide to come up and help with the work, please bring whatever supplies you can to help stockpile in case things take a turn for the worse. This includes canned goods (I know, we're already getting tight on food), tools, blankets, bedrolls, anything you think of that might be useful. We need to try and plan for as many contingencies as we can, which means assuming that even if we set up a safe place, it could be compromised. So whatever supplies we do have handy, we should try and distribute them between several locations. I assume Janie's already working on another spot, so if people are so inclined they can drop stuff over there too. We should also clear out the hardware store for anything of use, as well as try to find camping supplies. And not to just ramble on and on, but we should also consider gathering firewood if possible. It's only going to get colder, and if the power cuts again we're all going to feel it very fast.

So. If you want a firearm, come on by the church today or look up my place in the directory when you have time. I'll be taking a list of who's given what, and anything we have in surplus will be resecured at the police station. If there's unclaimed guns, we'll figure out how to account for them when we get to that point. And to whoever gets one, I'll be willing to start some basic gun safety and accuracy lessons tomorrow. Either come on by the church or let me know on here, with a name so I can guess at how many people to expect. That's all.