journal entry around 2pm

Hey guys, I finally got up here, took me long enough, and then it was pretty anticlimactic. No idea what I expected or anything, but yeah. My stuff. I guess this is my house now? Anyways, I just wanted to know if anyone wanted to go out with me. Look around town, all that, since I didn't get a chance before, and y'know, everything was pretty boarded up. Is it still boarded up? Does anyone know?

Do we want to check on people who might not have come up yet? I've been kinda thinking about it...but I don't know where people are yet, I have this map but I don't know. Where does concern for people's safety kinda clash with privacy? Anyone got any opinions on this?

And where are my girls? Where are my guys? Please tell me people are out there, and I didn't come up to a world where I'm alone.


 - ..

I'm still here, girly! If you don't mind, I'll pop over later. I gotta get out anyways. Too much cramp for too long makes Glitch a crazy crazy.

 - ..

I understand you're one of the people who helped rescue me. Thanks. I'll have to buy or at least steal you a drink at some point.