[private, handwritten]

...so I wasn't expecting THAT.

Those. These things.
Seriously, I think if I get anymore "here, have some distractions from crazy assholery" in the next week I'm just going to go crazy. I have a bass and loud punk music. Bri has a kitten that I am totally going to take advantage of petting rights to.

I have a certain distraction back in my life (even if he needs more distracting than I do at the moment: seriously, if sex doesn't work I'm going to have to bludgeon him until the "fuck up" part of his brain shortcircuits).
I have a certain distraction whose girlfriend took the nice pills.

WHO IS THAT NICE? It's goddamn weird, that's what. "Oh, hey, your kid's dad has a ...thing with me. A thing where we fuck." "Cool!"

...I mean, the only thing I can think of is that this is some oblique way to make me feel weirdly guilty. (Mostly because it's...working.)

I don't even know, dude.