PM to Everett, Brett, Addison and Brianna

Ahoy, me beauties. I woke to find the galley and head's been locked away! Some foul bilge rat's been here in the night! And me having had too much grog...aargh. (Seriously. They MUST drug us. I don't get hangovers and I feel like shit.)

I be looking for one Apathetic Carolyn Sparrow. I believe she'll be needing my assistance, for her number does me no good. Perchance she has mine? Tell her this: 7539.

And if anyone hears my name about these parts from any other landlubber, report back smart-like. Or you'll have hell to pay!

Noseless Audra Slasher

 - PM to Camber

I'm not playing along with this crap. Only concession I'll make is having liquor on-hand to help fight scurvy. And.... avast. There. But I'm looking for whoever "Cap'n Hillary Leadsword " is, and her(?) number is 8671.

They fixed my room up. Fucked up my hands for no good reason. But I'll keep an eye out for your message