PM to Everett

So the word from Brett is that you have Eris (let's just skip the part where I'm not supposed to know who it is and jump to "I have a giant chart of who can talk to who") talking to you and he doesn't anymore. Or you will shortly. Or something.

Brett wants me to tell you that he said to make fucking sure that you keep talking to her. We don't know if her going to sleep is going to kill her or not and, I quote, "(you) better do it" (sorry, better FUCKING do it) because Brett doesn't trust Eris to keep herself awake.

Kaori keep her awake and let her know other people are looking out for her. We've got messages out to Stan but I haven't gotten anything returned to me yet and I'll be getting back to you if I hear anything.

Sorry to be abrupt but I'm transcribing here. And also, tired. I'll be by the computers if you need me.

 - Pm to Camber

I'm keeping an open line with her, Camber. No worries there. If you want to pass it on to Brett, I'll just give you regular updates as we're talking. Like a clock chiming, yeah? I might be slow, my hands are a little fucked up and I've been drinking, to be quite honest. Oh, and we're trapped. Worse than we thought. 'Layers of steel under my walls' trapped. I don't have enough scotch OR cigars for this shit.

 - .

Are you fucking joking me? Layers of steel?

Motherfuck. I don't even know what to say to that. It hasn't been a day and I'm already tired of this not being able to get shit done or talk to people or see anybody, shit.
Does it make me extraordinarily stupid that knowing I'm trapped makes me want to try harder? ADFadjlFUCK. I do not like not having an exit.

Um, and yeah. Updates, check. Brett'll want to know, I guess. I don't even know what to say about if things get bad. Let's hope they don't.

 - .

If things get bad? That'd mean they were okay right now.

But if anything goes worse, there's not shit any of us can do. You don't need to tell Brett that, I'm just stating the obvious. But unless you've got a blowtorch or some C-4, I don't think you're going anywhere. I tried vents, lights, the walls themselves, even checked the ports on the computers. Only thing I haven't done is pry up the floorboards.

Still, it's not stupid of you, no. I think it's human instinct to decide to exhaust every option before admitting that this is pretty fucking permanent. Hell, this is a lot more spacious than where I was for a while, I'll take that much for now until I can have a drink out in the open. You're welcome to join me when that happens.