Double entry

-----Private Entry-----

Don't like these things. Didn't before, months won't change that. More clear when I write or type, but words on a screen are mutable, unfixed. Floating free behind the screen for people to seize or shift, to trail to the roots. I haven't wanted to travel in a decade, but now? Now I'd stand under a blue sky with no ceiling, no walls, dirt under foot... if it was just Not Here.

-----Public Entry-----

Ben. I was in the mansion with others, people writing on here. Everything was okay until the house burned down and came back. I like my privacy, write to me if you need me.

 - The hosue burned down?

Nice to meet you Ben, name's Nate, one of the volunteers around here. I'm meant to be looking out for all your rights and helping out with any issues you have. Since you stated you liked your privacy, I won't intrude, but if you need anything, give me a call - I'm in the book.

 - I don't know

Things weren't really that good even before it burnt down? Hello Ben, I'm Rin. I remember seeing you, a little, around the House. I'm glad you're okay.

 - Rin?

Never saw you, not that I recall. Can't picture it, nothing to frame. Memory's a fickle fuck though. Thanks? Good to be alive? Time will tell, and the clock just reset.