private messages

private to ronnie
I really wish I would have woken up with you. How're you holding up today?

private to camber
Everything okay?

private to all experiment e folks, everett & ronnie
Who wants to find alcohol, a place to hang out, and watch movies or something? I'm feeling the need for something vaguely normal.

 - [private to jesse]

Peachy keen. And you?

By the way, you and Ronnie have both offered alcohol and hanging out, so I think you might want to make this a joint venture. Unless she's sold on the "girls night out" idea. In any case, I'm up for it. Vaguely normal sounds great.

...I don't think I'd ever say that under any other circumstances, so, consider that a point to you.

 - private to cam

seriously? shit. Nevermind, if she's going for a girls night thing, I can deal. Girls night outs kind of typically disclude male company, especially the type you've been intimate with...and considering it'd be you and Ronnie--see where I'm headed here, darlin? I'll be fine. Have fun with the girls.

I know it'll be hard, but try not to talk about me. <---insert facetious tone

 - .

Do I look like a "have fun with the girls" type to you? There's no reason both can't happen. ...possibly on different nights. Or something. There will be socializing, goddammit.

Are you being facetious about it being hard, or about us not talking about you? Because I hope (for your sake) that it's the latter ;)

 - private to cam

Hey, you do look like a have fun with the girls type to me. You like girls and all, so yep! I say that qualifies you. Face it. there's an inner girly-girl just waiting to come out and blossom. And I still don't know. We'll have to see? I don't want to ruin things or crash the party. The other girls involved may not want to do that...

That's between me and my junk, thank you very much!

 - private to jesse

I concede that I sometimes "have fun" with the girls, but I think it might be slightly awkward if I had fun with that girl. Just saying. (So far the other girls are, uh, me and her. So it's up to you. ...My actual thoughts on the matter have to be in parentheses. That's sad.)

Dude, unless you made your baby through immaculate conception, I think anyone so far involved is familiar enough with said junk to talk about it in any way we please.

 - .

Who is this? Do you know what's going on?

 - yo

Jesse James...who've we got here? Another straggler?

 - oh, do I fill out this thing, too?

Jesse! It's Sophie. What's happening? I just woke up in this strange house and nobody told me anything. Where are you?

 - i always do. it's more entertaining than anything else.

Lungs! How's everyone's favorite screamer? I'm glad to see you've made it--where you at, sweetheart? We're starting to rack up the members. Cam's here, Bri, Scott,, welcome to the freak show. Unfortunately, if you were told the same bullshit story I was, you'll need to be told that we haven't been rescued. We're just in a town where the scientists can fuck around with us however. Sorry to break the news, doll.

 - I think it might get confusing.

That's still a really unattractive nickname. I'm... okay, I guess. I was in this like, rehab place? And then all of a sudden I woke up here and it's night and I'm by myself and I don't like it. Well, I don't know if anyone else is here, it's just this big house and I found the computer on so I looked and saw your message. There's like, a road and a park across the street.

 - c'mon, you can do it. just type in random shit. it's vaguely funny. whatever, we're stuck in a town in the middle of assfuck russia. we have to make our own fun.

Well yeah, if all you're thinking about is the wet, flopped out organs, laying around on a table somewhere. Wasn't that in your third film? And yeah, they told us all the same shit. Here, rescued, oh wait, not. Apparently they were just kidding about the rescued part. What they meant was 'here, go sit with the other experiments--because there were others--who were all massively traumatized while we fuck with you all.' Unless you're massively special, (which we know you are, but not the point) then you'll probably have house mates. Everyone else does.

 - but it's like having two conversations at once!

Um, yeah, I am. Because you said 'lungs.' And that was from TB. Where the guy literally coughed his lungs up. But I knew about the other experiments. Well, one of them. There was this guy, he found me after we went into the woods looking for food or help. He wasn't in our experiment, there was another one.

I don't want to be here alone. If no one's here with me that I know, can I come stay with you?

 - it is! and you've been doing fine with it! see? you can do it.

That'd be Everett...I met him too. And sure, if you want to. Fair warning, though, it seems that every night, everything gets reset. So, even if you wanted to stay here, you'll wind up back where you started tomorrow. Happened to me last night. But yeah, if you're freaked or something. Want me to come get you? Or...?

 - except then I have go to back and see what we were talking about in the real comment because I forget.

Well, maybe they won't do that if I leave a note or something asking them to stop. But yes, that's his name. I like him, he's a good guy. Will you come over? Even if I'm not alone here, well... what if I don't know the other people? What if they don't want me here?

 - you seem to be keeping up just fine.

Somehow I doubt they'd do that, princess. But if that's what you want to do, knock yourself out. Look, I got word Scott was sick, I asked if he wanted people to drop by. And since when have you been shy? Making friends and influencing people, that's you. You could charm anyone you were sharing a house with. As for the them not wanting you there...I'm stuck in a house with an insane woman who I'm kind of wondering if she's going to gut me because I didn't fuck her on demand. So, probably have better people there.

 - for now.

Ooh, if you come get me first, I'll go see Scott with you. I missed him. Hold on, I found a directory thingy, let me see if it lists where I am... omg! Jesse, it says Scott and I live in the same house. And Saj. And one more guy that I don't know. I'm going to go find them, you can come over and see us both at once if you want! And um, get away from that crazy woman. That is why God made vibrators. You can stay here if you want to get away from her.

 - hope you're feeling better, mate.

Me, please. Beer and Bollywood would be sound as. You reckon we can get our hands on any old Amir Khan movies? I kept trying to convince you they'd be awesome in the house but it's kind of hard without y'know, an acual film to prove it.

 - .

Not sure where we'd get movies from. I was actually thinking someone might have some lying around someplace we could nab them from. I'll admit the planning of this wasn't my best work. And yeah yeah yeah, I know. Amir Khan. I'll watch something sometime here. not sure what's up at the moment. I guess the ladies had something planned. So it might be just a bunch of guys. Did you hear anything about Scott? He said he was feeling like shit.

 - .

Dancing with swords! Seducing the girl with a twitch of his magnificent moustache! Trust me. It's awesome.

Uh, yeah, Scott got stag-nighted by the scientists. But Scott's Scott, he's a strong bloke, he'll pull through it. Just makes me hope they don't have more festive frolics lined up for us though, yeah? Treating the experiment E posse to some of the fucked up highlights we never got in our experiment. Hooray?

 - private to jesse

I wish you would've been there. It's as hard doing today as the last few months were without you, just because I got that reminder last night. But I'm here and okay. I'm game for a group night of some kind? I'd discussed a girls night with Camber and a few of the ladies from my experiment, but that plan will have to be scrapped in favor of this one. I'll see if I can find alcohol or something.

 - private to ronnie

Well, alcohol's been found, Everett, a guy who found a few of those wandering from my experiment, he said he'd offer some up. But honestly, if you were having a girl's night, then go with that. I'm sure you guys deserve it, and I can still kick the alcohol your way. Just call me when you need me to hold your hair back.

 - private to jesse

Jesse James, enough of that. Seriously. For one, I don't throw up (aside from the once, and I'm still sorry about those shoes) and two? We had no formal plans, and I always feel better when you're there. So girls' night will wait, I'd rather have everyone there. I'll try to let everyone know tomorrow, we can find a place to hold it.

 - private to jesse

I can donate a few bottles of scotch to your effort, Jesse, but I think it might be best if I stay out otherwise. I have this tendency to kill others' good times. Still, let me know when you plan on this, I'll get you the drinks.

- Everett

 - .

Aw, seriously? Thanks for the offer for a bottle or two, that's generous of you, and appreciated. You sure you don't want to change your mind? If it's happening...I just got word that apparently there was a girl's night in the works, and that generally discludes types like us.

 - .

I won't definitively say no, but don't plan too heavily on me being there. Sound fair? And as far as ladies' night? I'll definitely duck my head down if that's happening, but you can have the scotch no matter what the plan is. Better used on several people than one, right?

 - ..

I feel like shit right now. Probably shouldn't be up right now but you can only sleep so much, and besides, the doctor's not around to tell me not to be. Once I get better I'd definitely be up for a gay old time.

 - .

What happened? I think I must've missed something. You need anything, big guy? I could come by and bring you...probably shit you already have in your house, but still. Mentions of doctors make me nervous.

 - ..

It's a long story. Let's just say I woke up yesterday naked and trussed up in sleighbells as the centerpiece of the Christmas decorations. I don't have pneumonia, but I might as well. I feel horrible.

Where does all this mucus come from anyways? At some point you'd think I'd run out.

 - .

I was going to go by because Sophie's been put in town, I guess, so I'm going to be out anyways, you sure there isn't anything you want or need? by the way, I found Ronnie. Long story about shit, which I'll tell you when you're not feeling like hell. But she's here. I'd like you to meet her sometime. So, heads up that if you need anything, or want me to drop in and say hi regardless, I'm there.

 - ..

Wait, Sophie's here too? Jesus, it's like old home week around here. I think I'm in good shape though. I've got some meds, and either the doc or he will have some more for me soon. And that's so awesome you found Ronnie, I know you couldn't wait to see her and the little one, and I can't wait to meet them. But come on up, I may not be great company, but it's always good to see old friends.

 - .

I appreciate the offer but... I think being alone would be better. Well. Me and my kitten.