sent during the night, private to experiment e

So...any advice you lot have for me on what to do? I kinda sorta possibly accidentally pissed off a batshit insane woman, and it's possible she threatened me because I wouldn't sleep with her. So...yeah. I'm off to a fabulous start, obviously--any of you know Joy? And is she just that fucking scary, or am I overreacting here?

 - .

Dunno who she is, bruv, but you ought to know that pretty much everyone in this town is batshit crazy. What was the problem - she wasn't slamming hot enough for you? You'll be ai'ight.

Anyway look, I really need to see you. You seriously want to escape the mentalist then come round my gaff. I've got some fucking weird stuff I have to talk to you about.

 - that wasn't the issue...

No more my issue is I require sanity for anyone I'm even remotely putting my parts anywhere near. I've kind of learned the hard way in the past and this chick...well, she kind of gives me the creeps. And then there was the threat thing...and alright, we'll get together soon, the snow looks like it's letting up some anyways. So, soon as, man.

 - .

Never met her, luv. But if you're that scared, I'd take the precaution of hiding a weapon on your person. But then, I think I might be naturally paranoid.

 - .

I was really hoping not to have to resort to keeping weapons on myself. I don't really want to do anything like mom taught me not to hit girls or anything of the kind, y'know. And I'm not so much scared, as just at a loss. I'll keep things in mind though, thanks doll.

 - .

I am positively Joy-less. And sounds like better off too. Sorry to not be any help. I can ask around though.

My advice to you is: get a rape whistle.

 - somehow i think that wouldn't deter her as planned.

Why couldn't I have gotten put into a house with you instead?

 - .

Because you're just not that awesome.

You should come by, though, the snow's let up. Maybe we can pull an all nighter and see what the fuck is going on, even.