private to dave and katalina

So, I had been going to find you, and all that, but that didn't happen and looking outside, I'm thinking it's not the day either. Anyways--just checking in. Emma and I are in a house on a street that magically appeared yesterday, so that's fun. Esme's here, and Dale.

I had found Hannah and had her here but now she's gone again. And oh, yes, she's in a house with Eris.

You two faring alright?

 - .

We're fine - in a house with Kaori on the south side.

You had Hannah but she's gone again? That's... confusing. Where is she? Did she just wander off?

And she's in a house with Eris? Fuck, that's not good...

 - fucking eris.

we moved her from the house that's over by the church...not a nice place, by the way. But her room's empty again. So who knows. And the only thing that makes me feel better about her being in a house with that bitch is Everett's there too. And some guy in a wheelchair, according to Hannah. Someone ought to warn the guy. Maybe Everett did.

 - .

You want to talk to Everett, find out? If not, that'd be a good idea - the more warning people have about that bitch the better.

 - .

Yeah I'm with Dave on this one. At least Hannah has her death dog if the bitch tries anything. Wouldn't mind seeing that beast mangling her a bit.

 - she shoots, she scores

Admit it. You and the doc just want to play kidney hockey again with her insides. The least you could do is wait for me this time so I could keep score.

 - .

Hey, I feel personally and spiritually cheated knowing I played hockey with someone else's insides. That was supposed to be special.