PM to Janie

Where else are you planning to set up for a meeting point? I'm working on the church, but I'll make sure that anything useful I have over here ends up there too. Let me know. And it's funny, I finally believe what you always said back in the house. The end is coming.

- Everett

 - i'll preach to the converted. welcome to wonderland, my friend.

The bowling alley, the rec center...not sure where else yet. Some dude says he's gonna work out the farm house, a few people can stay there in the event of an emergency. And maybe one of those big houses or something, but I'm not sure yet. Still working out the kinks, and y'know, trying to get people involved. It's so much easier to prepare for the end when everyone pitches in, y'know? Otherwise we're going to be stuck in a situation where some asshat loses it because someone forgot to bring the peanut brittle...

 - .

Yeah, I'm hoping for some turnout too. If I end up with an abundance of people here, I'll let them know about the other spots. Somehow I doubt that'll happen, people didn't listen to me much when I was officially in charge. No point in that changing now, is there?