PM to Janie

I'm back, freak.

 - excuse me while I pause to be sick.

Is this the part where I tell you that I still want nothing to do with you, and I could care less? Because I don't want anything to do with you, and I could care less.

Kindly find someone else to bother, there's a lot of options in town, really. I'm sure you'll find someone.

 - .

I know, but their not nearly as fun as you.

How's that sweet little boy friend of yours? I was gonna say hi to him to but can't find him on the list.

 - which part of piss off do you not understand?

He ran for the hills upon noting that you were in town. it was sucking his will to live, so he took off. But then you're pretty good at soul sucking. And other kinds of sucking, I'm sure.

Oh, I have a gun, in case you had plans for late night visits for sisterly chats beside the fire or something.

 - .

Careful sweetie, you'll shoot your eye out.

And if I make a late night visit, it won't be for a sisterly chat.

It will be to kill you.

 - subtle!

well hey, at least you're skipping all the niceties of being cryptic. But then again, what did I expect? You don't have the brain power to be cryptic. Out of morbid curiosity, what the hell imagined slight brought this decision on?

 - .

You've cost me everything. My inheritance, my family, my children. And your going to pay. Everyone will pay. God told me so.

"I will execute great vengence upon them with furious rebukes, and they shall know my name is the lord when I shall lay my vengence upon them."

Your going down, bitch.

 - it's all my fault. right.

You're blaming me for everything? How's that work exactly? Was there anything in the bible about 'take responsibility for your own fucking failures and don't push it off on everyone around you like a weak whore'? That should be in there someplace. I didn't cost you shit. I wasn't responsible for the insane way you lived your life, and I didn't even know I was getting an inheritance.

You always were a crazy bitch. Guess you've finally gone full blown crackers, though. Because wow. Seriously now.

 - ..

You cost me everything I had lefT! My kids, your neices and nephews, are gone, sugartits. They told me I'd get them back if I came here. You know why they wanted me here, don't you? to fuck with YOU. Because of YOU. I'm here now. I'll never see my kids again! But I'll have the last laugh. I've got a higher purpose now. I'm taking this all down.l First you, then the basterds who run this party.

 - can you spell delusional? ...wait. you probably can't.

I didn't cost you anything. Your decision to come into the experiment was your own. It's not like you didn't have a choice, like they hogtied and kidnapped you. You're the moron who thought 'hey, I can just take off for a whole year, and then come back and get my kids again! tee hee!' and you being stupid isn't my fault either.