checking in

who: kaori, svetlana (so far)
where: kaori's house
when: morning

Making breakfast again, Kaori noted that the scientists had ignored her. She didn't have any of her case files, and while she'd started writing one up on Svetlana today, (and one for Leah, even if she hadn't met the woman yet) she would have felt a lot better with her case files intact and all together. And someplace that was locked. They weren't left lying around where just anyone could find them or anything, but that was not the point.

Either way, Kaori did what she had before, which was made breakfast, then went to knock on Svetlana's door. "Svetlana? I've got breakfast made, would you like to come downstairs to eat?" she asked, waiting for a response of some description. Possibly the door to open and something to be thrown at her.

 - .

Pain. Nausea. Shivers down her spine. Oh Christ, what was this?
She opened her burning eyes slowly, something knocking, a voice calling. Deja Vu. The light hurt. Her head was throbbing, pounding, and she couldn't stop shivering. Cold sweat stuck wisps of hair to her forehead. Urrrgghhhh. Where was she? She blearily looked around, not sure what she was going to see.

Fuck. Fucking FUCK.. She was in that bed again. Still in the house. Still shut up in a box with Kaori outside somewhere. Was that the knocking? Kaori coming back to prod at her? Probably. She didn't really care though...a more pressing issue was how terrible she felt. Like the worst fever of her life. Her stomach turning backflips. Headache and confusion.

Her limbs felt heavy. She was undressed - in a vest and underwear. That was wrong. She had been wrapped up in so many clothes...and she had been outside. She should not be alive. She should DEFINITELY not be in this room again.
Maybe she wasn't. Maybe it was all some sort of hallucination brought on by the cold. Didn't feel like a hallucination though. Felt too vile to be imagining it. Her head spun and she thought she was going to throw up. Her face was stinging, and her hands...her hands were itchy. She squinted at them...and then her attention was really caught.

Svetlana screamed. Hoarse and weaker than her lungs could usually manage, but still a scream, still loud enough to be heard in the next room. Her hands. Her beautiful long white fingers were swollen and red and blistered. The skin was cracking and peeling away from them and the fingernails were flaking, torn where she'd scratched at the door. They were hideous. She screamed and then, she puked.

A horrible retching dry vomit that stung the throat and eyes. Mostly bile. It fell wetly onto the floor and Svetlana slumped back into the bed, holding her hands above her head, staring at them in disbelief. They were like a burn victim's fingers, and they were so itchy.

Come to think of it, so were her nose and cheeks. She needed a mirror, but couldn't find strength. Couldn't even bring herself to wipe the wet sheen of vomit from her lips. She let out a dry, choked sob, and cursed herself. Stupid little idiot, going out into to the cold - being so selfish and childish. Stupid stupid stupid. Now look at you. What the FUCK is your problem, Svetlana?

 - .

Well, one thing that caught the attention immediately was a scream. Kaori startled and opened up the door, rushing in. "Svetlana what--" she started, then broke off, eyes going wide. Oh, that was whole worlds of not good. Whole worlds. But she was a shrink. She wasn't a panicking idiot. So she shoved natural reactions like that aside, and walked up closer to her. "Svetlana, let's help you to the bathroom." she said. She was going to need Dave. And she really wished she had sedatives. God. See this was what she'd been talking about--they needed a damn hospital.

 - .

Svetlana looked at Kaori through bleary vision and held out her hands to the woman. The look on her face said simply "fix them".
She was too tired and sick, too spazzed out about how ugly her hands had become to be angry with the woman for barging in. She just wanted help, and as much as the crazy part of her brain hated to admit it, she did trust Kaori, as much as it was possible for her to trust anyone. There was nothing threatening about the woman at all.

Finally, you decide to be a grown up. Can't bolt the door after the horse has fucked off though, Sveta. Moron.

 - .

"Come on, Svetlana." Kaori encouraged gently, trying to reach out to help her. "Let's get to the bathroom. Then we'll figure out what to do. We'll need to have the doctor's advice, he may need to look at you, but we'll get to that in a moment, okay? Let's just get you to the bathroom, and maybe draw a bath. It'll be alright." she said soothingly. Even if she had no such idea that it would be, she sounded like she thought so. She sounded confident.

 - .

Svetlana shuddered at the mention of the word Doctor - although it was very likely something to do with her soaring fever, as well - and heaved herself out of the bed on the opposite side from the puke, blankets swathed around her tiny shoulders. However, her legs could not bear her weight (which was saying something about her physical strength at the moment) and she collapsed into a sitting position on the ground. She looked over her shoulder at Kaori, still managing a certain degree of haughtiness, and gave a look that said "I meant to do that"

Kaori wouldn't hurt her. Kaori was too stupid to hurt her. Too pathetic and nice. This Dave character she did not know a thing about. Didn't know hwo to deal with him. She shook her head and screwed up her eyes. Everything hurt. Bathroom was a good idea - curl up in the cool white safety of a bathtub, run a cold tap over her head and sleep. Kaori could help her walk there, maybe. Get her some asprin and some water and some cream for her poor, poor hands. But no Doctors. No fucking way. She may be sick as the proverbial dog, but she'd fight that one with everything she had.

 - .

Kaori looked over at Svetlana, and walked over, kneeling down next to the girl. "Svetlana, you look to me like you have frostbite." she said, tone calm, gentle. "I cannot help you on my own with that. Dave is at the very least going to need to look at you. If you don't want him to touch you, I can probably do any of that in his stead. However, I'm sure you understand that with frostbite, if it goes untreated, you can lose extremities. You don't want to lose fingers, do you?" she asked reasonably.

As someone from the Ukraine, Kaori was positive Svetlana knew about frostbite. It was something people in northern regions just had to keep taking into account. Hell. She'd had to just living in Maine. It happened, and she was pretty positive that was what she was seeing on the girl. You didn't mess around with frostbite. You just didn't.

 - .

Svetlana frowned and shook her head again. Definitely didn't want to lose fingers, but didn't think she had frostbite. It was too itchy and swollen. Her Grandmother always used to warn about rushing back inside from the snow too quickly - the temperature fluctuations would play havoc with her skin and give her chilblaines. She sniffed and hauled herself to her feet, using the bed to steady herself. Still shivering.

If she could just lie down in the bath and sleep things would be better. She wouldn't let the Doctor anywhere near her, but she could bandage her hands herself. She could make them pretty again. She had to.

 - .

Kaori moved to get the door for Svetlana, thinking she'd have to come in and clean up the mess when she could. Or maybe Lina would do it, she didn't know. And she was going to need to speak to Dave, they were going to need medicine for the girl. Burn cream. Could they make it to the hospital? Was the hospital even up and running? "Do you want me to get you anything?" she asked her. She was still planning on helping her to the bathroom, and hopefully drawing a hot bath. She had to wonder how long Svetlana had been back inside for. How warm she was now.

 - .

Svetlana sniffed, and nodded at Kaori. Mimed drinking. She was thirsty, and her mouth tasted like spew. Nice. She hated having to ask for anything, but if the woman left her to go and get water she would have time to set up her "strong hold" in the bath. Blankets and pillows, cool and safe she could curl up and hide from them until she got better. She wouldn't be able to leave the house again, she figured that she was pretty much a prisoner at this point, at the fucking scientist's disposal. But she was also sure she still had nail scissors in her room and that if the doctor tried to come anywhere near her he'd find them embedded in his hand pretty quickly. The phrases cutting off your nose despite your face, and shitting on your own doorstep flashed into Svetlana's mind briefly. But she didn't give a fuck. She couldn't handle all this attention.

 - .

"I'll get you something to drink. I want you to get into the bathroom, and draw a bath for yourself. Don't make it too hot, alright? I'll be back momentarily." Kaori said. And she'd stop and ask Dave what she was going to need to do as well. If there was anything specific, or...what. She wasn't sure. She only knew general things, and she was already wishing that the scientists hadn't ignored her requests. Right now she needed sedatives.

 - .

Svetlana nodded. Bathroom was right. She waited for Kaori to leave the room before fumbling through her things for the pointy silver nail scissors, and a hand mirror. Then, tucking a pillow udner her arm she went for the bathroom. It was a long walk. Her head felt about 5 times too heavy for her neck, and everything hurt.

Finally she slumped her blankets into the bath, and sat indian-style in the pile. That was better. She kept the scissors in one fist, her knuckles white, and in the other she held the mirror. SHe gaped at her face. There were red raw scabs running across her cheeks and the tip of her nose was swollen, shiyn and red. She looked like a fucking clown. SHe hissed softly to herself and kept her gaze fixed on the mirror as she snuggled down deeper intot he blankets. She was just so, so tired.

But she couldn't sleep. Wouldn't. She willed her eyes to stay open, to maintain focus on her reflection. She'd need her wits about her to keep the doctor away. To stop him from trying to drug her up and put needles in her. She didn't want people in her personal space. She knew that her escape attempt had been ill-prepared and outrageously stupid, but she still had to cling to some sort of independence. She needed to keep whatever control she had.