The state of things (public)

Well everybody, welcome to another day. We've got more shit to talk about, so I won't waste any pleasantries right now. First off, I've been at the station most of the morning, haven't checked these systems until now. So if there's anything that needs to be brought up, feel free to do it here. If I'm needed, I'll do what I can to help out.

Okay, getting to the meat of the situation: yesterday I got a tip about a person in town who, it was felt, might be a danger to others. I don't know her name yet, though I know it starts with an S, and I believe (could be wrong) she was in Experiment C. I went to check her out after getting word that she had a bloody knife on her porch, and had been a menace to at least one person in town.

When I went to check up, she tried to run, then attacked when flight didn't work. So yes, I can confirm the knife bit. As of this morning, the girl's in lockup at the police station, and will be until at least the end of today. What I need to know for that to become any more clear is information. If anyone out there knows this girl's name, or how to get her to talk? Both of those things would be appreciated. Has anyone else run into the girl I'm describing? Were there any other incidents or attacks that went unreported?

Past the questions there, there's one more. What do we do with her? I'm not assuming the position of judge and jailer, I'm just acting in an intermediary fashion until a decision can be reached among the town. So here's what I'm proposing, and it's similar to the firearms discussion. Reply to my entry with your name and a decision of whether you want this girl locked up or not. Or, if you have another option, suggest it and I'll listen. However, if you vote to keep her locked up, you're also voting to take a turn watching the police station, because I'm sure as shit not spending every day sitting up here. We'll give it a day for people to weigh in, and tomorrow I'll follow whatever the popular decision is.

- Everett

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I guess my vote would be to see if anyone in town has luck getting her to chill out and maybe talk a little, or communicate in some way. If not, keep her locked up. I'd be all for stripping her house of sharp objects and letting her stay there, but she's not going to be able to eat and I really don't trust that she's going to become suddenly friendly when she figures out there's less food than people.

Camber, by the way.

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Adam Doyle

She stabbed me the other day. I will say that for my own case, I have no interest in action being taken again her. I'm saddened that she feels the need to resort to violence. If the town feels that she should remain locked up for her own good and the good of those around her, I will take my turn at watch.

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I know that we've had situations before where we have tried this and I'm doubtful of the effectiveness long term. Call me cynical and no offence to any of you, but when we tried it in my experiment getting people to take rotation wasn't exactly a walk in the park.

That said, I think having someone lose in town who has attacked, so I see, at least two people, is not something I'm comfortable with, so I'm going to vote yes.


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I'm Scott. I just got here, so I don't know if I'm really qualified to say one way or the other. I don't know how this has been handled in the past. However, I used to be a bodyguard, so I'm more than happy to take a shift on watch if needed or anything else.

 - ...

I say let her out. At this point what does it matter, and for once it'd be a danger we're already aware of and prepared for.