help if needed

Well, here's my official entry saying if anyone needs anything, I'm here to help if you want me to. Dave, if there's anything at the hospital computer-wise that'll make things easier for you...or even just moving equipment around so that you don't have to wander through a whole hospital just in case, I can do that. I want to try writing a program for the comptuers that'll be a kind of panic button. I'm not entirely sure I can do it, but I figure it's worth a shot. Maybe something that if hit, will flash everyone's screens, or start up a sound. It's only a vague idea right now.

Everett, Janie, if you want my help with anything you two are doing, just say. Anyone else, I'm here too.


 - .

Thanks, that's kind of you. I've been moving equipment from around the hospital to the ER department to set that up for whatever we need. There's no point using the rest of the space. I can always do with help shifting things though.

And, on that point, is there anyone else in town with any medical experience?