Private to Everett and Dave

Yesterday, I was attacked by a girl. I recognize her from my own experiment. She didn't speak or anything. She lives at 4 Cherry Street. I tried helping her, walked her home, and there was a bloody knife outside her door. Considering the fact that she tried to attack me twice without even really speaking to me and me not being anything remotely threatening, I think it's an issue, and I don't know what to do about it. Let me know if you need any more information.

Shane Hawkins

 - PM to Shane

Okay, I'm going to go check up on this right away. Do you know her name at all, if you were in her experiment? What's she look like? just so I know if I've got the right person. And if you don't mind, I'd like a hand when I go to find her, just in case she tries to run.

 - .

We were all separated out from one another, never met. I know she had an s in her name, but that's all. She looks rail thin, very frail. I can lend a hand, if you need me to. Just let me know. Is anyone else coming? Is there any plan whatsoever? Are you just planning to talk? Or is she being brought in? I've been trying to figure out what the fuck is an even feasible course of action and so far haven't come up with anything.

 - .

Right now my plan is simple. If she's hurt someone else in town, she needs to be locked up. If she's not a danger, we'll find out what her situation is and let her go. I'd appreciate help if you don't mind, just head on down to Cherry in a bit, I'll meet you on the corner of it and Church. With luck, nothing'll go wrong here.

- Everett

 - Private to Shane

Are you okay? Were you injured at all?


 - .

No. She scratched my cheek, but it's not anything I didn't already take care of. I just wanted to give you the heads up that someone did some bleeding. I didn't know what to do about it. Has anyone come in? I get if you can't say who because of confidentiality or whatever.