One public, one private to Janie


Shooting lessons and gun safety, who's in? Anyone who is, I'll be up at the north end of what the directory tells me is Church Road in about two hours. If there's anyone who's game for helping me cover the basics of safety procedures, I'm open to help. And to everyone who might want to come out to practice? Bring a few empty cans, we'll need targets. If you (whoever you are) don't have time today, I'm hoping to do these lessons every three or four days until no one needs them. That's all, maybe see some of you out there.

- Everett

(Private to Janie)

After I try to keep people from accidentally shooting themselves, I want to run some of the canned goods we built up over to the rec center. You gonna be around, or should I just drop them inside? Let me know, I figure we should do some brainstorming since we seem to be heading up the survival effort. Bring Gavin if you like, and tell him I said 'no hard feelings' over anything that happened back in the group house. Hope to hear from you.

- Everett

 - i'm in.

Hey - I don't have a weapon with me, but I'll join if you have a few extras on hand. My experience with guns is pretty limited to paintball (at which I'm a crack shot), but I'm a fast learner.

 - private to everett

yo yo yo whassup whassup whassup?

sorry I've had coffee today.

I can be there! Besides, I figure we should sit down and have a chatty-chat about the people in town and shit. Not to mention address the idea that all the supplies are dwindling down to nothing, cuz...that's not cool, really. I've thought a lot about it, and it doesn't rate on my list of 'things that are awesome'. So, let's have ourselves a little con fab. Is it a con fab? Or is it a con fam? Or something else? Whatever, you get what I mean.

 - .

My dad taught me how to shoot. I'm probably rusty accuracy-wise (and okay, I never practiced all that hard before), but he was a drill sergeant when it came to safety, so I can help with that if you need it, I guess.

 - .

Holy crap, just kidding. I just looked out the window and there's totally a bear wandering around. So I think I'm going to stay inside the house because I can't take out a bear with a .38.

 - .

If you're offering lessons, I'll be there - I'm definitely going to need the lessons! I'll bring empty cans as requested.

 - .

I'll need a lesson or fifty. But not until that fucking bear is dead.