Game Plan

Okay everyone. The getting certain buildings ready thing. Who's in? The bowling alley was mentioned. The Rec Center. One of the bigger houses over on the rich-ass street. Somewhere on the farm, maybe. Anyone else have suggestions? And who's going to be helping? Does anyone want to be responsible for one of the checkpoint buildings and organize from there?

Ping here and we can figure it out.

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If I say I'll help organize something, do I get a big desk and a nametag?

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Well of course. Can your nametag say 'unholy ruler of the magical dregs of sparkly sunshine hell'?

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There are two farm houses at the farm - the one towards the west is larger and, as far as I have been able to determine, now empty. I can stock and maintain it as a group home - how many people are we considering may wish to move there?

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Fucked if I know. How about you stock it for as many people as you think could survive there without strangling each other in the middle of the night inside a month? Then just let us know how many that'll be, so we'll know the full up capacity of that house.

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The large farmhouse has five bedrooms, a large living area and a very large kitchen. The bedrooms could with little trouble be turned into dormitories for three or so occupants each - I'm sure that beds can be procured from the empty houses with little trouble and the facilities would easily sustain fifteen or so people, as long as they were willing to live communally. Of course, experience shows that not everyone is willing to do that.