who: jesse, ronnie, scott and sophie
where: pmland!
when: mid-morning

Jesse got up late, which was usual for him anyhow, but he did have to piss something fierce. And while he'd expected flushing issues due to the crap-ass sewage system the place had had (that the scientists deemed fit to duplicate), he didn't expect to be locked out. With a freaking number-keypad. So, after finding an empty beer bottle to take care of business in, he noted the other locks...and...jesus seriously. What ever. He found the note on the center computer slightly late, and it took him a few moments to put together what he was seeing. Then he grudgingly went over to his computers, and sent out messages for people.

Everyone else having to find fun, creative ways to take a piss this morning? I'm told I'm Argh "Don't-Stick-Your-Finger-In-There" the Brainless or something, and I have a number...2057 Someone want to help me figure this shit out? Guess I'm looking for Apathetic Carolyn Sparrow...did we suddenly get dropped into one of the Pirates movies?

 - .

Ronnie didn't have the luxury of using a bottle, and as such? She was squirming a little in her Hawaiian replica as she squinted at the keypad sealing her off from the bathroom. She'd tried the number attached to her message four times now, and as much as she wanted to be wrong, it obviously wasn't the number she'd need. Hearing Jesse's terminal chime, she dashed over as she bit her lip, settling in to read his message and sighing quietly. So it wasn't just her. And... they were all pirates today.

Once I get a chance to pee, I'll totally give myself a few tattoos just to play along, she typed, But GOD do I need to piss. Are you doing okay, ADSYFIT the Brainless? You'd better be, I didn't stay up late painting just to have you not get to see it. Whoever this Carolyn is, I'll try to find her with you. I'm looking for an Aaaeiaaagh "Dick-In-A-Blender" the Bloody, myself, I think there's a number they can use here? 8346. And I'm... Pirate Agnes the Malformed, which is just RUDE. Let me know if you find a number that'll help me out, I've tried plenty on this stupid keypad.

 - .

When he heard the sound from Ronnie's terminal, Jesse rushed over immediately. He grabbed the notebook he'd been writing things down in, ridiculous names, numbers, what have you. He was going to try and pass on everything he possibly could, between people. Maybe someone would get the right name and number combo going on. He was getting massively hungry, and wasn't happy about it, but he wasn't going to take that out on anyone. Or, at least, he wasn't going to be taking that out on Ronnie at all.

Hey, Ronnie. Got a bottle or anything? This blows rather hard. I'm getting as many names and numbers as I can, and Owen, one of the guys from the house I was staying at, he says he's 'Raargh "Itchy Tasty" Muurgh'. And the name/number he got is: Pirate Corliss the Dagger 4432.

Something tells me this is going to be a long fucking day.

 - ..

Scott sighed as he heard the alarm from Jesse's computer go off. He still wasn't feeling too good- he'd left his medicine in the kitchen, which of course was locked now. He tried the password they'd given him for his gym, and when that hadn't worked, he'd tried to physically pull the door open. But weeks without working out plus near-pneumonia (which he was starting to suspect was trying to work its way back to full-fledged pneumonia) forced him to give up quickly. He'd seen the message from the scientists, and had been about to bang out a message to Tobias- assuming the boy still wanted to talk to him. After last night, he hadn't heard from him. Instead, he coughed his way over to Jesse's computer instead and began typing.

This? Sucks. My medicine is in the kitchen, which is of course, LOCKED. The Queen is not amused right now. And apparently nicknamed "Drippy Ooze", according to our hosts. I've got someone named "Stop Picking at it" or something like that. Fucking lovely.

And if this is a pirate movie, I wanna know where the fuck Orlando Bloom is. If I'm going to be sick and nursed back to health, I'd appreciate at least getting Will Turner to do it.

 - .

Jesse went over to Scott's computer after he typed up his message to Ronnie, then sat down to start passing on more information again. Hang in there, yes it does in fact, blow. What's the number you got for 'stop picking at it'? And pass on this info if you can.

I told you what I am, Ronnie is: Pirate Agnes the Malformed
The name/number she got is: Aaaeiaaagh "Dick-In-A-Blender" the Bloody 8346

Owen is: Raargh "Itchy Tasty" Muurgh
The name/number he got is: Pirate Corliss the Dagger 4432

 - .

Thankfully, Sophie's need for the facilities wasn't urgent when she woke up, though she was hungry. And absolutely stymied by the keypad. After pulling on the door handle for a few pointless minutes, she finally tentatively tried her birth date as the code. Which didn't work. With that option gone, she was kind of stuck - she didn't remember any other numbers to try. She'd always had an assistant who knew her bank code and social security number, not that it occurred to her to try either of those. Bewildered, she meandered over to the computers to take a look and see if anyone knew what was going on. Jesse's message made her check the central computer, and she pulled out a copy of the script she'd been filming when down in Hawaii (she was amazed at how detailed the replica apartment was) and wrote down the message.

I don't know what's going on, she sent to Jesse, sounding about as plaintive as one could get over text. My message thing said I was Fat-Ass Carmen Barbossa - and I am NOT fat - and I have this other name and number, Aaaeiaaagh "Brains MoFo" the Sloppy 2333. Do you know why my kitchen and bathroom are all locked up?

 - .

Considering how much Sophie generally missed out on just in day to day living, Jesse was actually mildly impressed that she'd thought to write down what her message was, including the other one and the number. Not bad, darlin. he thought to himself, as he sat down to reply to her. He scribbled down her information first in the notebook he had, then typed things up.

Hey sweetheart, everyone's been given a silly name, and another name and number. Everyone's locked off from their facilities and everything, so it isn't just you. Basically, we've got to find someone who's been given your silly name, because they have your number, and we have to find someone who's been called 'aaaeiaaagh "brains MoFo" the Sloppy and get him that number. So, I want you to go to all of your computers and get all the names and numbers you can, then we'll post them all up for each other, and hopefully everyone else will be able to do the same.

He sent her, then paused for a second, and added a second one. And of course you aren't fat.

 - .

Silly names and codes? Sophie was still confused - mainly as to why they had to go to all this trouble just to get some food and take a shower, but it helped to have someone coach her on what to do, and she dutifully wrote down Jesse's information.

You're the first person to send anything out on my computers, she wrote. But I'll ask. I hope we find out who has our names fast, though, I'm hungry. D: