What the hell? [PM's to Stan, Tobias, Esme and Adam]


Who: Salem and open to Stan, Tobias, Esme and Adam
When: Shortly after she wakes up
Where: Where else?

Upon waking with a growling stomach, it didn't take long for Salem to realize that she couldn't get to the area where the food had been the day before. It was there still, but she couldn't access it. Immediately she started to panic. She tried the other door in the room, the one for the bathroom facilities and that one too she couldn't get to. For a while she continued to try the door, but to no avail. And then she noticed the pad on the wall. A code. She'd need a code... but where the hell would she find a code?

The computers.

Checking them all, she found a message to her, she thought, though it referred to her by another name and gave her another odd name and a number. Immediately she tried the number, but nothing happened.

Was everyone else going through this as well? She wasn't sure, but at least she could find out if four people were. She typed out the same message to the four people she could access.

Please tell me I'm not the only one with a cryptic message, locked kitchen and bathroom areas and a code panel...?

She sent them off to Stan, Esme, Adam and Tobias and waited for a response. Maybe she'd get lucky and figure out that code before she had to go to the bathroom. Maybe.

 - .

Stan woke up that morning half expecting for yesterday all to be a dream. He didn't remember going to sleep - he'd tried to stay up for as long as he could, in case the OD needed something else. He didn't know what had happened to her.

The beep from one of the other computers woke him up and he opened his eyes to find himself crashed out on the bed, still fully clothed. Wiping sleep from his eyes, he found the computer and read the message. He had no idea what the girl was on about, but he went and checked everything before finally coming back to answer her. No, I also have a strange message. A name that's not mine (and quite embarrassing actually!), another name and a number. My kitchen and bathroom are also locked, each with a keypad. I've tried my number with the keypad, but it doesn't work.

 - .

I have the same... well, a name that's not mine, but apparently is referring to me. It's Jolly Marie Smithe. I have a keypad to and I tried the number, but nothing... It's strange. Maybe the number belongs to whoever that other person is.

And wasn't that an idea. But who the hell could that be? It could be anyone and how was she supposed to figure it out?

 - .

Do you have a name to go with the number? Or just the one name? Stan asked her, since he had a name that was apparently 'him' and another one attached to the number, but he couldn't assume that was the same for everyone.

 - .

Yeah, I've got 'Cap'n Mary Bloodbucket'. I guess that one goes with the number... At least that was what she kept thinking. She wasn't really sure. Maybe the number meant nothing. The name sounded like something from a pirate movie.

 - .

Adam had discovered the problem when he'd risen early that morning. It had stopped him in his tracks, actually - especially since he'd really rather needed to use the bathroom. He'd been trying to figure out what to do when the message came through - beating him to it. He replied straight away. Apparently I am Graagh "Happy Days" Mmnaah! And I have the following additional: Pirate Lea the Cash-Strapped 8500. Neither means anything to me. I also cannot get to the kitchen or the bathroom and I have a code panel.

 - .

I'm Jolly Marie Smithe. And I've got Cap'n Mary Bloodbucket with the number 3301. Maybe the number is for that person. But I have no idea how to figure out who exactly it is or where they are. I'm completely confused. I have the keypad too. I tried the number but it's not the right one.

 - ..

Esme had gotten up early herself, but her morning was quickly ruined when she waddled over to the bathroom and found it locked with a key pad or something. She tried her best to decipher the code, but didn't have any luck. And it was hurting. She knew one way or another, it was coming out soon, and she really would've preferred that it be in the toilet and not in her pants. She "ran" over to the kitchenette, hoping to find... something? anything? she could use, only to scream in frustration when she saw that it, too, was locked.

With no clue what else to do, she'd ended up stripping. If it was going to happen, she wasn't going to ruin her clothes. Sure enough, hardly any time had passed at all before she ended up pissing herself. Collapsing into her wheelchair, which she knew she'd have to clean up later, she sat there crying for what seemed like hours.

Looking up, she finally noticed that the center computer was blinking at her. She went over and read it, a giant question mark forming over her head as she did. About that time, she saw a second computer blinking at her- this one was Salem, she thought. She read that message and shakily typed out a reply.

No. You're not. Sick bastards must get off on chicks peeing themselves.

 - .

Salem saw the computer blink and headed over to what was Esme the day before. She assumed it was Esme again.

This is ridiculous. I've got a name that I guess is me. A number. And a name that belongs to someone else. I'm guessing they want us to play telephone til we get that number to the right person. It's sick. Twisted. But if we don't play, we're stuck peeing in the corner.

 - ..

If you're lucky. What did you get?

Esme quickly wheeled back and forth between the two computers, for once thankful for her power chair.

Apparently, I'm Pirate Carmen the Engorged now, and I've been told to do what I want with Greeagh Reeorrgh the Rotten 6440. I hope I find mine soon because right now I kinda need a shower.

 - .

I'm Jolly Marie Smithe. And I've got Cap'n Mary Bloodbucket with the number 3301. she typed out. I just hope I don't spend hours trying to find that person.