PM to Eris

Stockard, what the fuck is going on over there? I just got word that someone (you, apparently) is overdosing. I won't waste time asking if you're okay, so you'd better be.

 - .

And here Brett was keeping my name out of it. My watch malfunctioned, I guess. So I've taken more of my medication than I should have, I'm not sure how much. There might have been some drinking involved too. I don't think I'll keel over, but who knows. I'm not moving the fastest I ever had, and I feel pretty out of it. as for being okay, I'm breathing.

careful, Everett. You almost sound worried about me.

 - .

Brett didn't drop your name to anyone, Stockard. I was a detective, remember? We each get four contacts, as far as I can tell. So of the ones I heard he had, you stood out. Plus, you're the only person I know who has a medication regimen AND would think to throw some booze in with it.

Worried, my black ass. For all I know, we share air supplies. I'm not about to deal with you decomposing while I'm stuck in here. Just keep talking to me or Brett or whoever, okay? Focus on this, it'll help keep you awake.