PM to Stan and Bri

Okay, I think I've figured this out. It's Scott, if you know me. So far I've contacted Jesse and Tobias. Who is this?

 - .

Brianna over here. How're you doing on your end?

 - ..

Oh, thank God you're ok, sweetie. Glad to know you're okay. I'm doing pretty good except for still recovering from the next best thing to pneumonia. I assume you've got a similar setup? Nice friendly doorless apartment, 5 computers? I've got Jesse on one of mine, I'll let him know you're okay. Tobias is on another one, I'm not sure if you've met him or not, but he's a sweetie. Kinda having a rough time of things. You heard from anyone yet? Cam, Sophie, even Saj?

 - .

More like a library but yes, generally speaking. Next best thing to pneumonia? And they did this to you? Please tell me they hid some medicine somewhere! A girl can hope anyhow. I've got Camber and Owen so far... Okay. Camber, Owen and some woman named Kaori. I haven't responded to her yet though. I just made it stop playing music at me...

 - .

Yeah, remember that whole Christmas thing? Guess who was the fucking star on the town hall Christmas tree. My gay ass was just left out there covered in nothing but sleigh bells. But I've got medicine and I'm on the mend at least.

Thank God Camber's okay too, I assume she is anyways or you would've said something. I don't know Owen, but I've met Kaori, she's a psychiatrist I think. My place looks a lot like the apartment I had with my ex back in Dallas, except no ex and no dog crapping everywhere.

 - .

Gods, that's horrible. My 'Christmas' was punctuated with receiving a kitten and arguing with Indira. I hate that woman. I don't care what happened to her. She's a bitch. I actually yelled at her.

YAY medicine!

As far as I can tell, Cam's fine and being terribly productive. She's making a grid of people we can contact or some such. I don't know. She's crazed. :D

Owen's really nice. And he has a parrot apparently.

Yay no dog! I... don't know if I should yay about the 'ex' thing.

 - ..

Don't think I've met Indira, although if she's bad enough to get you yelling, she must be BAD.

Sounds like a good idea Cam has. Definitely make sure she adds who I've got, that can only help.

And yes, you can say yay about the ex. He was okay, but I kind of knew all along it wouldn't last.

 - .

Ugh. Just... Ugh. UGH.

Yeah, I will. Maybe if she can get a map of some sort working and posted so we can all send it to each other. That way we can formulate the quickest routes of communication.

That's depressing. I wish someone out there would last...

 - ..

I wish they would last too. I was always too busy for a relationship in my younger, fiercer days.

Oh, and we can add a couple more to the list- I have a doctor named Stan on one of my computers. He's also got Kaori, so I guess there's overlap. He also has Sophie. I told him to tell Sophie that me, you, and Cam are okay.

Oh yeah, and Tobias has Cheyenne, if anyone's looking for her.

 - .

Okay, messages from Cam and I really hate playing telephone. You have no idea.

She says hello and to tell Jesse that she's "alive and he better be the same."
Have you heard anything about Saj? (I know I haven't and told her so.)
She also wants to know if you've heard much from Tobias as apparently they snark across the interwebs.

I told her she was demanding. Like a bloody wife. :P
-- And now back to my own messages --
Fiercer days? What sort of fierce? Like... adorable tiger cub fierce?
Also, sheesh. Sophie. XP We're just popping up everywhere aren't we?

 - ..

Message will be passed to Jesse.

No word from Saj yet.

I've had a pretty good talk with Tobias. Much as I love the kid, he's got serious issues. I'll tell him Cam says hi.

Let's go with bear cub fierce. Back when I could go to the clubs all night, have a meaningless one night stand, and still work a full day in the morning.

Poor Sophie. They bring her in last night then today change it up on her. Her head must be spinning.

 - .

oh my god oh my god EMERGENCY

You need to ask your doctor guy something REALLY IMPORTANT: From Brett via Camber: Brett has a girl who may have OD'd on something on one of his lines. We need advice on what to do for an OD case when you can't see, touch or bring anything in! AUGH!

 - ..

Shit. Um, okay. Let me shuffle over and ask.

You wouldn't happen to know what it was would you? Cause I'm sure he'll ask.

 - .

I have Kaori on another line. She's also a doctor. Not the same kind but I sent the info through her and she's also speaking to Stan. It seemed the better route. Sorry. XP

 - ..

That's probably better. She may not be quite the same kind, but they have to at least know something about that right?

Let me know if I can help, though.

Oh, and Jesse sends a message to Cam- the song "St. Mary's" by Rancid. He did it like a radio request it was pretty funny, talking about her mad bass skills and wanting to be like her and things like that.

 - .

I can't wait on Kaori any longer:

Brett says he doesn't know. It's more identifying by color than knowing what the girl takes. She has short-term memory issues and wears a watch that's supposed to beep and remind her when to take pills. Apparently it's not working right or something and she's taken some extra doses but not a whole bottle. It's not on purpose and it's over time. Also apparently she's been "drinking" with them. I can only assume alcohol in that context as Camber was not specific.

Apparently she's kind of tired and described how she feels as "when you're sick and you take medicine so it doesn't hurt but you can still tell you're not well."

 - .

Hi. My name's Stan. I'm a doctor and I only got here today. Kaori told me what was going on. I'm afraid I don't know anyone.

 - ..

Helluva way to join the party. It's okay, nice to meet you, under the circumstances. Both of our doctors have vanished, so it's good to have another one.

You can help a lot more already, though. Who else has made contact with you? We're trying to get a list together to pass messages.

 - .

You, Kaori and another woman called Sophie. There's another computer here that seems to be able to send messages, and another one that I'm actually not sure what it does, actually. Sorry, I'm not being much help today. It's all a bit of a surprise.

...what do you mean by vanished?

 - ..

Trust me, you're being a huge help. If you could do me a huge favor, tell Sophie that Scott and Brianna and Camber are doing okay.

And I mean vanished. I know they were both here 2 days ago because they saved me from pneumonia. One of them was gone yesterday morning, and another one that I was living with went out for medicine and never came back. Unfortunately, people disappearing is pretty common around here. So yeah, once we get back to town or wherever they're gonna put us next, you're going to be extremely helpful.

 - .

I'll pass the message on.

Wait, you have pneumonia? Are you alright? How are you now? When was this? Was this 2 days ago or was that earlier on?

 - ..

Luckily, I managed to miss out on actual full-blown pneumonia. I'm okay, just still full of mucus and coughing every five seconds. It was two days ago. Someone left me tied practically naked to a Christmas tree outside in the snow. Fun times.

That's something else you should probably be warned about. The people in charge here have a sick sense of humor and really enjoy messing with their lab rats.

 - .

I have no idea what to say to that. Except I'm sorry? Is there anybody in particular I should be careful of? Or is that just a ridiculous question, considering everyone seems to be separated? And, if we're in rooms we cannot get out of, how did you end up outside?

 - ..

Well, until this morning/afternoon/evening, we were all in houses in a town. This is new for... well, not all of us, cause some people were in an isolation experiment before. But a lot of us.

Other than the scientists, the only person I've actually heard tell of being dangerous is someone named Joy, but if you're not in her room, you're probably safe.

 - .

Safe - but locked in a room. I'll try and take that as safe. Thanks for the information. I'm sorry - I really have no idea what's happened to me.

 - ..

That's okay. Most of us are still trying to grasp what's happened to themselves.

If you have any other questions, I'll try to answer them. If it takes me a while to respond, don't worry, it just means I'm curled up in bed for a bit.


Okay Doc, we need assistance, and this is about as awkward as it can get.

There is a girl who has apparently OD'd. I'm hearing this about fourth-hand, so I'm not sure what else is happening. What would you suggest, since we can't see them, touch them, or send them anything? Any home remedies?

I'm guessing this girl is still conscious, cause otherwise no one would know, right?

 - .

Yes, I heard the same thing from Kaori. I need to know whether it was accidentally or deliberately, what kind of drugs we're talking about and amounts. How she is. I would hope that the people in charge would simply remove her for treatment.

 - ..

We're working on getting that for you.

And considering that they've apparently allowed people to be killed in these experiments, and the fact that I could've fucking DIED out there in the cold, I don't think an overdose would even make them blink.

 - .

Thank you.

They have allowed people to die? But - that's horrible!

 - ..

It may be horrible, but it's happened. Sometimes it's from something they do, sometimes it's something that the people in the experiments have been driven to. I know someone from my Experiment apparently went nuts and killed a couple of people after they were trying to escape.

 - ..

Alright Dr. Stan, here's what I've got for you. No name for what she took- the girl has short term memory issues and has a watch that's supposed to remind her to take her medicine, but it's malfunctioning, surprise, surprise, and she took extra doses, but not the whole bottle. So, not on purpose or anything, except she's also washing them down with alcohol, which I'm sure isn't good. Supposedly she's kind of tired and says it's like when you take medicine so it doesn't hurt but you can still tell you're not well.

I hope I got all that right. I'm kind of going back and forth between computers to make sure I get everything.

 - .

Thank you for the information. Tell her that she needs to keep an eye on her pulse rate. The easiest way for her to do that is if she puts her fingers moderately hard against the hollow to either side of her windpipe on her neck. It's best to use her fingers, rather than her thumb, especially if she's having trouble finding it. The beat should be steady and not too fast. And it should be strong. You say she's got memory issues, so I'm not going to ask her to count beats, but steady, not too fast, and strong. Same for her breathing.

The tiredness could be a symptom of the drugs, or it could just be that she's tired - without knowing what she's taken, it's hard to tell. When was the last time she slept, and for how long? If she knows. It's best to err on the side of caution though and figure that it's the drugs. Staying awake would be best given the circumstances, especially since she's alone. If she -does- have to go to sleep, she should try and position herself on her front, supported with blankets and pillows so she can't roll over while she's asleep. This is important.

If she feels sick, being sick won't do her any harm. Depending on how long it has been since she took the medication, it may help, but it's likely it's too late for that.

Really, there's very little that can be done without someone else there, and without facilities. She definitely needs to stop drinking alcohol! But she should know that already if she has medication that reacts with it!!