psychotic fucking bitch -- viewable to everyone but Joy

So, just for everyone's knowledge here, heads up, Everett, but there's a psychotic bitch named Joy in town, who as far as I can tell, wanted sex out of me, and when I wasn't into it, she got psycho whore on me and keyed my car. And I do mean my car. I got it back when it was christmas the other day. Thought I'd give people the head's up, because yeah. Fucking bitch. She seemed off and crazy before the keying, so I'm not thinking she's the most stable either. out for her. whatever.

 - .

I really am going to start calling her Rape Whistle. Uh: you're not the first dude she's done this to. I haven't run into her yet, but I have a bigass swiss army knife if any of you boys need to borrow

If you need a hand with your car, I can check out the garage and see if there's anything - sander to work with, or primer and paint, or something. It sort of makes me angry on principle that someone would fuck with your car. It's not like we're overstocked around here.

 - Not good

If it's the same Joy I think it is from my experiment, she's not a nice person at all, although you've already figured that out.

After the fire, her and another girl were perfectly capable of helping with everything but didn't lift a finger. We woke up the next morning and they'd been stripped naked and put in stocks with words written all over them letting everyone know why they were there- lazy, sloth, things like that. She wasn't happy.

So yeah. Stay away from her if you can.

 - .

Sorry for the delay, Shane. Someday I'll be able to get my mitts on all these situations at once, but right now it's still one crisis at a time. And typing's not my strong point. You said Joy? Duly noted, I'll track her down if and when we're out of here. If you hear from anyone else that she's pulled other shit, let me know. Having multiple charges to press on someone makes things easier than having one complaint.

 - .

Some chick said that I wasn't the first, that she was going to nickname the bitch 'rape whistle' if that tells you anything.