Who: Esme and the rest of the Scooby Gang in her house.
When: 8AM
Where: Homey home home

Esme didn't know what was going on. She'd been awakened by loud noises again. And considering that she didn't have her hearing aids in, that meant they were really loud. Instinctively, and thankful that she always slept fully clothed now, she hopped out of bed, "running" in her own way towards the door. Whatever was going on, she knew that she needed to get out now. Passing the shelves and shelves of books without even a glance, she threw open the door, her eyes wide and ready for any kind of action and screamed over the noise- was it sirens? She wasn't entirely sure now- "WHA DA FFUCK ISH GOIN ON HEAH?!"

She finally stopped short, however when faced, not with a dangerous fire or some other pressing threat to their livelihood, but... Christmas? The last time she had checked, it was October, not December. But there it all was staring her in the face- a tree, decorations, everything one would associate with the holiday season. Still in shock, she walked around the room, taking it all in. "Chush how yong did we shyeep dish time, anywaysh?"

 - .

Leo had woken early, before the alarm. He'd found his presents and grinned his way through them, replanning his day around them. He'd paint today - get rid of this bloody horrible baby blue. They'd given him the paints, he could do that now. Make it nice. But that meant he'd have to shift forward the rest of his day, so he'd gone and showered, dressing in tatty work clothes, pushing his longish curls back under his old baseball cap before wolfing down a breakfast bar he'd had under his pillow. He shoved a chocolate bar into his back pocket and dashed off his journal entry for the day. He'd been just sitting down to prise open the first lid when the music started. Christmas music - which wasn't all that odd, considering the presents. Hell, he'd even been inspired to a Christmas-themed journal entry. But still, he wandered downstairs to find out what was going on, and saw Emse there. "Far as I can tell, it's still October - date on the computers says that, anyhow," he told her. "Did you get presents too?"

 - .

Emma had also been up earlier, but after seeing her present, she had cheerfully decided to climb back into bed for a few more hours. Sirens kind of got in the way of that. She groaned and forced herself to crawl out of bed. "Are they gonna do this all day?" she wondered outloud and to Jason, meaning the Christmas music at ungodly levels. "Of course they are. Nevermind. Dance, puppets, dance. I'm hungry. I wonder if we have Christmas cookies." That part would be okay. She picked up poor Pookie - who was having an absolute shitfit - and headed downstairs to catch the tail-end of what Leo was saying. "Morning."

 - .

Esme could tell that she was being spoken to, but what little hearing she had without the hearing aids was being totally drowned out by the.. whatever it was that was blaring into her head. "I can't heah you!" she shouted over the bedlam. "How do we tun dish shit off?!" She put her hands over her ears. They were really starting to hurt, and considering the damage that had been done last time she'd dealt with alarms for an extended period of time, she had every reason to be concerned.

 - .

Dale, on the other hand, was utterly fucking gleeful. She had toys! Radio equipment! The only reason she'd stopped digging through her brand new shinies was because she was hungry, actually, and even then it had been this huge war between 'yay!' and 'food!'. Seriously, Dale wanted to cackle like an evil scientist because oh, god, it was going to be fun playing with the gear. And all that music! She wondered if the scientists would give her weather forcasts so that she could give them out over the air, but right now she had enough to play with. There was that little niggling doubt that said that people probably didn't listen to the radio out here, even if they even knew there was a station - and what if they didn't have radios? But oh, well, what the hell! She could have fun anyway!

So Dale, in her glee, skittered down to the kitchen and grabbed two or three granola bars - unwrapping one and holding it in her mouth cheerfully while waving to everyone she'd passed in her huge rush, and she mumbled a greeting before darting to her brand-spankin'-new equipment again.

 - .

"I said did you.. you know what - doesn't matter, let's find a way to shut this off," Leo agreed, shouting back at Esme and taking in the other two - including someone he hadn't seen yesterday. "We should look to see if we can figure out where it's coming from!" he told them, though his time in isolation had taught him that it wasn't always under his control - that things were often piped in from elsewhere.

 - ..

Esme waddled over to the computer. "Thea'sh shomfing on da computer, guysh." She was getting used to the noise at least- it wasn't hurting anymore, so either her ears were adjusting or the damage was done. Either way, she got close and looked at the screen. "It shaysh to go to da town hall to shee da Chwishmash decawashionsh." She cringed a little. Usually when people were 'invited' to go see something by the scientists, it meant that they'd prepared an unpleasant "surprise" for their lab rats. She looked back at the others with a weak smile. "Wonda what dey've done now?"