September 28 2008

Here We Go Again

Who: Gavin and Janie
When: afternoon
Where: their house

Gavin had woken up to Janie's note, which had of course worried him. But he tried not to freak out completely, like she told him to. Instead he'd gone for a quick exploratory jaunt. And then raided the hardware store. He hauled home boards of all kinds of sizes, nails, tools, candles, anything he could hoof back to the house. Then the sporting goods store for knives and bats. Then it was to the grocery store. If looting was going to go on -- and he felt sure it was -- he was going to get their fair share out of the way. All the while, he kept his eyes peeled for his short dark-haired woman, but didn't see her. If she wasn't back by almost dark, he was going out looking.

By noon he was busy rearranging the furniture in the living room so that it would serve as a blockade easier, if they needed it to. He didn't know what the fuck was going on, only that it wasn't good, and they were probably back on their now-familiar Fend For Your Goddamn Fucking Selves footing.

No, that can't be.

Who: Diata and Everett
Where: Diata's house
When: Late evening

What a day, Everett mused as he trudged along the sidewalk, hopefully towards his last stop before going home and drinking himself to sleep. He'd covered the police station, secured the weapons, dropped most of them at home, and was in the middle of a final check on the streets. Ev had eventually discarded the table leg he'd started with, and now felt just a little better with a police baton slung through his belt. It wasn't much comfort in light of his encounter with Eris, but every bit helped with a mood like this. He should've felt better for helping restore power to the town, but it didn't feel like it was helping much. Just get it done, he told himself, moving up on the address the directory had listed as Diata's and knocking firmly on the door.

Most of the day had seen Diata in something like a very controlled panic. The power was off, most of the people were gone. She'd gone and checked her shop, locked things up tight, and prayed that no one would break in the big glass windows. Though she wasn't sure what they could possibly want to loot from the place, people were strange creatures when it came to tense situations. She'd walked into the grocery store and taken bags to dump canned goods into, as many as she thought she might need for a week or so, not wanting to fully loot everything. And then it had been some scared wandering before she'd gone back home and surrounded herself with candles as her mind spun over what could've possibly happened and how she could deal with it. She had her pills -- of which she'd already taken more than normal -- but God only knew how long those would last.


Who: Shane and Jillian
When: Late morning
Where: Shane's house

Let's Make A Deal

Who: Eris and Everett
Where: The police station
When: Evening

Everett had a problem; what was one man supposed to do with so many guns? He'd done what he could around town, helping Kales and Dale, rounding people up, and checking the local businesses. But before long his mind had drifted to the matter of the now-empty police station, and more importantly what was in it. What was in it, exactly, was several shotguns and even more revolvers, handcuffs, batons, and ammunition. Everett had pried open the weapons lockers with a crowbar from the hardware store, piling weapon after weapon on a desk nearby. FInally he'd found a duffel, and though he'd already unloaded the guns and started packing some away to transport, he wasn't sure where he was even taking them.

His house could work, but it wouldn't look good at all for the only black man in town to start stockpiling weapons on the day the overseers all vanished. Still, taking some blame was better than leaving the guns here for someone less scrupulous to find and use, and Ev didn't mind people having a problem with him. Tucking a shotgun away, he raised the last from the deck, racking it once to make sure no shells came free and dry-firing it at a wall.

Well, she'd thought she'd have to break in. She didn't. And that left her thinking that she might not have anything left to choose from, in which case, that was going to be tricky. When she walked in, she was quiet, her drunk left a few hours ago, and she was left with a dull headache, but that was to be expected. Her medication didn't really mix well with it.

Following sounds, she ghosted up, then saw Everett. Her chest tightened, a weighted, sharp feeling settling in it, though she didn't say anything right away. She saw the guns piled on the table, and grabbed one up. The first sound she made was checking the chamber to see if it was loaded. "Evening, Captain."

End of the Road

Who: Brett and Eris
Where: South side of town
When: Mid-morning

It had started when he'd gotten up. The lack of electricity, the cold, the semi-darkness. He felt it begin to press in on him the moment he awoke and as soon as he'd found out that there were no electrics, he couldn't get out of the house fast enough.

And then he'd seen the boarded up houses and he'd felt the town start to close in on him. Wheeling through the obviously mostly-empty streets, being outside just didn't seen to be enough and he'd just kept on going, until he'd hit the edge of town, the last house there, the wide open plain before him. That - that felt a little better. That felt less like he was going to start panicking. And he stopped and sat, his back to the town, looking out over the flatness of the world.

Eris had gotten up a while back and wandered through town alone. Then, she'd gone, looted a nice coat, gotten herself a bottle of really fine scotch from the bar, and started walking. She'd actually stopped by Brett's house earlier, but he hadn't been home. She imagined he'd be out somewhere, if he hadn't decided to slit his wrists in his bathtub or something. Either way, she wasn't especially enamored with the idea of dealing with this on her own, and it wasn't as if she had a ton of friends around. Or even pretend friends. All she had were enemies, strangers, and Brett. Who could at least hold a conversation, and didn't want to kill her yet.

Eventually, she spotted him, and she walked up behind him, until she was standing next to his chair, looking out at the same view he was. she didn't pull anything today, no kiss on the cheek just to rile him, no invasion of his personal space. She just walked up and was quietly there.

"How far do you reckon it is?" Brett asked after a few minutes of silence, for once not going straight into the insults and barbs. "If I just started out. Do you reckon the road goes all the way? I don't do well with dirt tracks."

it's the end. this requires party favors.

who: janie and open
where: downtown
when: noonish

Janie had gotten up late. Gavin had still been asleep when she did, and she'd of course noticed that it was fucking freezing. And the clocks were all off. And the fridge wasn't working. The power was out. She'd gotten an extra blanket and laid it over Gavin, and after a brief investigation outside, she'd gone back in. She left him a note on her pillow, so he'd see it straight away.
It's the end of the world as we know it--so I've done the obvious and gone to get party favors. Be back soon, try not to feak out too much. I'll bring you back something shiny.
p.s. I drew the empress reversed today, I won't get into it right now, suffice to say it's not pleasant. so let's party while we can.

She knew if he woke up to a situation like they were in and she was missing randomly, he'd freak out entirely. So, she'd left the note in hopes he didn't have a coronary while she was out. He was kind of overprotective. Or really overprotective. Therefore he got a note while she was walking downtown, looking around. She'd already gotten her party favors. She'd picked up little hats too, those cheap pointy kinds that adults always thought six year olds wanted and they never really did. She had one on her head currently. She had a few bags over her arm, and she was walking up main street, wondering if she needed anything else. Alcohol, probably. That would work well for Gavin. Oh and books. She always needed a good book when things were going to hell.

home sweet whatthefuck.

Who: Jack and Arienne and Open
When: midday
Where: Elm Street

Jack was, to put it bluntly, bewildered. He hadn't woken up till past noon, because Bethany said she was going to take double shifts and he had been finishing off that step for Rin. He'd planned on delivering it today. Sure, he'd spent a long time on it, but she was a nice kid, so he'd tried to make it something she'd have enjoyed looking at. And then promptly forgotten about it, with all the shit with the bar that had been going down lately, and cleaning up there.

Is it Really Stealing?


Who: Hadley and Open
When: Morning
Where: Grocery store

The place was fucking deserted. It took her awhile to figure out that it wasn't just boarded up houses. It was... everywhere. She entered a few businesses to find them empty when they should have at least had an employee or two. Doors were open, everything appeared normal. But... yeah. Deserted. The fuck.

Hadley wasn't sure what to make of it. If it was some sick joke, if maybe there had been some disaster and everyone had been evacuated but her? Aliens had come and sucked everyone up into space, right? Doubtful, but after living through nine months of bullshit, no scenario that ran through her head was too far fetched. Inhaling deeply to soothe her nerves, she found her cigarette pack empty but for a few loose flakes of tobacco. Which led her on foot to the grocery store. It was the same as the others. Open but empty. And at that point she didn't give a shit. She went behind the counter and grabbed a carton of cigarettes, ripping it open and starting in on pulling the cellophane from the pack of cigarettes. If there was no around to tell her she couldn't do it, then fuck it. She needed a smoke. Maybe she could grab a box of Oreos while she was at it. Nicotine and sugar always made everything better.

Is it a Zombie Apocalypse?

Who: Trevor and Trent
When: 9:30
Where: The streets of the nameless town

Rise and shine

Who: Ben and OPEN
Where: Right outside Ben's house
When: morning