September 27 2008

004. public entry.

Jack, I think I'll take an extra shift tomorrow, if that's alright with you. I don't really have anything else planned—the bar's sign needs the time to dry, anyway. You could go by my house and take a look, if you'd like. But if I stay at home, I'm likely to keep adding to it, and then it'll never be finished.

Sifuna izindaba (private entry)

I'm keeping busy. It's only been a handful of days here and the woods feel months away. Puts me in mind of the war, of waking up in a field hospital and remembering that last fight like it was months ago, or even a bad dream. Just like then, I always have the scars to remind me just how recent it all was. But I'm getting by.

Making the best of it.

Who: Seth and Brody
When: afternoon
Where: the Town Hall movie room

Seth surprisingly hadn't argued when the town officials showed up at his door and informed him of what was going on today. He wasn't thrilled with it, but maybe he could turn it into an opportunity. If he was going to be used ever again, he'd have to know these people. So it was a chance to watch. Without looking like he was watching.

Keeping that in mind, he mingled through the rooms here and there, not really introducing himself to anyone or interacting much. Just examining things with a Coke in his hand and listening. He'd ended up settling in the room that they were showing movies in, slouched in a chair with one boot up on another one. He wasn't even really paying attention to the sci-fi slop; his mind was elsewhere. But he was there, waiting for either something to happen or for them to be allowed to go home.

internal trust issues

Who: Shane and Jillian
When: After the group socialization
Where: Walk home/Shane's place

Overall, the forced socialization hadn't been bad. Jillian had chatted with some nice people, ate some good food, and of course, rocked out on karaoke. All the same, she was getting kind of tired. It had been a bit of an emotional few days for her, first with Everett and then at the movies yesterday, so she went to find Shane. She sidled up to him when she did, sliding her arm through his companionably. "How's it going?" she asked. "Ready to ditch?"

don't get too out of touch

Who: Everett and Kales
Where: Cemetary behind the church
When: 7 pm

Bar Room!

Who: Jack and Cheryl and Open
When: Morning
Where: Bar Room


Who: Dale
Where: Her house
When: Midnight

When the lights go out in Dale's house, you can hear the structure groan.

a placeholder

a placeholder

Karaoke time!

Who: Jillian and Open
When: Mid-morning
Where: Karaoke room!

Jillian was feeling better than yesterday, though still unsettled, when she woke up. Though she'd have preferred to wake up several hours later than the ridiculously early o'clock when the town official came knocking on her door. Girl needed her beauty sleep, after all.

Still, because it didn't really sound like a request - despite the fact that Jillian had been socializing, jeez - she got dressed and headed down to the town hall place. Free breakfast, she could work with that, and after destroying a plate of eggs and bacon, she wandered around. Alien was playing in the movie room and after yesterday's horror movie fiasco that was out. Some dudes already had Gears of War up on one of the game consoles and Jillian didn't like the other options, so that was out. That was, of course, when she hit the jackpot. Sitting there, alone in the empty room, was a glorious, shiny karaoke machine. And no one was using it, wtf?

That situation needed to be remedied, fast.

Paging through the song selections, Jillian chose what was most likely to draw a crowd - after all, who didn't like karaoke? And she was an entertainer at heart, drawing a crowd was what she did. Or at least a couple people who were into her renditions of cheesy classics?

She improvised a stage with two chairs, standing with one foot on each, cranked the volume, and let Bon Jovi's "Livin' on a Prayer" blast.

Don't They Know That Forced Interactions Never Work?


Who: Leah and Open
When: Morning
Where: The Movie Room

Leah had only been in this little town for a day, and now she was being forced to interact with other people. She wondered if these people realized that forcing some people to actually talk to other people would never work. The ones who didn't want to talk to others would simply find a way to hide from everyone, probably in the bathroom or something else similar. Besides, she hadn't been here long enough to hide away from society, not that she was planning to, anyway. Part of her therapy was for her to actually go and be around other people, and, since she was probably being watched at all times, was going to obey.

Since she had planned on going to the movies today anyway, with a sci-fi and fantasy movie marathon going on, she decided to simply go into the movie room also showing these movies. She wasn't sure if showing movies like "Alien" were a good idea for people recovering from trauma, but it was one of her favorites, so she was going to enjoy it, healthy or not.