September 25 2008

PM to Lina

So, you starting your morning run again? There's not many people around at 5am...

9/25/08 public entry

I haven't really made any public journal entries since I've been here, but I think it's time to say hello.

so Hello. I'm Brody.

as pathetic as it sounds, if anyone knows how to do laundry properly and is willing to show me, I've got this weird fancy fruity smelling bath stuff - or vouchers - to trade for the knowledge. hot water has shrunk some of my t-shirts. yeah.

PM to Jeremy

hey jeremy - it's brody from the library and your sort of neighbor. just checking in to see how you've been doing since we last spoke.

What did they do to you there?

Who: Jeremy and Rebekah
When: early afternoon
Where: streets

The first few steps out of the house had been the most difficult for Rebekah. She'd nearly cried when she found that she was out of wood glue. She didn't want to be, she didn't want to go outside in this strange place and subject herself to everyone else who was supposedly here. Having Ben for a neighbor was enough, that was all she wanted to know. But she had to keep herself occupied, and sculpting was the only way she knew how to do that. So she'd put on shoes and a long pea-coat that she buttoned up all the way, and pulled a knit cap down over her scraggly hair.

It would only be a short trip. There was a hardware store, surely they'd have glue. Hands dug down deep in her pockets, Rebekah started in that direction, eyes down on the sidewalk in front of her, lips moving in silent and unheard prayers that even she could hardly follow.


Dawg, this 's just t'hold the place, d'ya dig?



Who: Nate and Seth
When: afternoon
Where: the bar!

Seth had spent most of the morning hankering for a beer. It was some combination of boredom and restlessness. He could've bought some at the store, probably, but he wanted a beer in a bar, which was a different experience altogether. Unfortunately, consulting the map he'd been provided, the only bar was most of the way across town. He considered hoofing it, but didn't really feel like it. So he used it as an excuse to fire up the ancient monster in the driveway and see how she ran. Which was decent enough, though the lack of power steering was something he missed. He parked at the bar, pocketed his keys, and walked in, glancing around.

Yeah, it wasn't the classiest of places, but that could be forgiven. At least it was empty. He headed for the bar, ordered his drink, and sat to listen to the dismal selection that somebody had started up on the juke.

Two tunnel rats walk into a bar

Who: Trevor and Dale
When: Evening
Where: Bar
Note: If anyone wants to interrupt them where it leaves off, that'd be awesome ;)

Hidden Between the Lines


Who: Diata and Everett
When: morning
Where: Faded Pages

Diata had opened the store at eight-thirty that morning, though she didn't much expect any business until later. If any at all that day. She'd brought a small space-heater she'd found in her house and had it set up so it was blowing warm air toward her legs as she sat behind the counter, head propped up on the heel of one hand, sorting through a list of books to order she'd made up, and considering how many copies of each. At the very least, they let her use the internet to research titles -- she needed to, with the request for Braille -- but all the ordering was going to have to go through them.

She knew that Everett was coming, but she wasn't watching the door, content just to wait. If she was anything, she was patient. Even if he decided he didn't feel up to it and didn't show, it wouldn't bother her too much. Eyes skimming over the laptop screen in front of her, she pulled her sweater jacket a bit tighter around her and lifted her good leg to hug on the stool for a while. This winter was going to be a challenge.

Park Meeting


Who: Emily and Chris
Where: the park
When: morning

Chris was thankful that the black eye Lina had given him a couple of days before was starting to go down now, but the bruising was still evident as he headed around the park that morning. It was quiet here at the moment - though, really, it was quiet everywhere in the small town most of the time. But here, he supposed that it could be referred to as 'serene', with the expanse of grass, the scattered trees and the small lake to one side. And, it being well into fall, the place probably also classed as 'beautiful', given the torrent of colours from the turning leaves.

Chris bent and picked up an autumnal leaf, holding it by the stalk and turning it over to look at the veins running through the leaf. He smiled a little and shifted, crumpling the dead leaf in his fist, before letting the pieces fall to the ground as he continued his walk.

Emily was sitting on one of the benches that had been placed around the lake at intervals, although the cynical side of her found the whole scene to be a little too picturesque and so serene that it made her skin itch a little. Still. It was nice. It was normal. Normal-looking anyways, and any relief from the spin that Jeremy's little journal confession had sent her into was something she'd willingly grasp at with both hands. She'd grabbed a shawl to wrap around herself as she sat out on the lake, watching the wild geese and thinking that next time, she'd bring some bread or something to feed them with, before it got too cold and they all flew.... where ever it was they'd fly to.

In Soviet Russia, the road walks you

Who: Trevor and Hadley
What: Heading home and getting directions.
When: Shortly after noon
Where: Church Road

He didn't make it far before he'd stumbled back inside, feeling like his eyes were burning. Damn it was bright out, like someone had just dropped a nuke on the town. Fortunately they sold shades in the small kiosk inside the hospital and his second attempt at outside exploration went a little better. But now what? Do you want me to get a volunteer to drive you home? one of the staff had asked and he'd said no. Which was fucking stupid in hindsight but he wasn't about to go in there with his tail between his legs, changing his mind.