September 24 2008

catch up


Who: Dave and Jason
Where: Dave's house
When: Afternoon

It was strange, working in a hospital again, with other people. And, currently, not particularly exciting. The ER that morning when Dave had been on shift had been a slow stream of minor complaints that he could have dealt with in his sleep. The doctor was beginning to realise that getting used to the idea that he didn't have to cope with everything that came through the doors was going to be hard. Going home at the end of the shift had taken someone actually telling him to leave the department. There had been patients still to see, it just hadn't clicked in Dave's brain properly that there were other people available to see them. he was still twitching a little now, several hours later. He'd come home, had a shower and then gone out for a run, hoping the exercise would help. It hadn't, but he had found the pool in town, so that was something positive - he could start his daily swimming again. he'd missed that whilst they'd been stuck out in the woods for so long.

Jason wasn't necessarily dealing any better than his friend. He was at loose ends. There was no other way to put it. There was nothing to deal with but a cat who seemed to be just as twitchy as he was and filling silence in the house. A house he didn't especially like, want, or feel any connection with. Even if he'd made a cursory effort to put some of his things in each room, it hadn't worked, and he hadn't really thought it would. So...whatever. Either way, he was going to see Dave. At least he now had something to share, though he figured he should bring Katalina too.


Volunteers here, right? Decided to come to this place? Had your reasons?

Need groceries, got issues. Hard to go myself. Sorry, hate to ask, would go if I could. Just basics? Cans that don't spoil. Expecting nothing but going myself.

PM to Kales

So I'm alive. So's Eris, believe it or not. Tell Dave I said hey, don't come by my place. We'll figure out a point to talk eventually.

- Everett

Holy ground

Who: Everett and open
Where: The church and cemetary
When: afternoon

By now, Everett understood that even the most sturdy and foolproof of plans wouldn't matter out here. In the compound, there had never been a way to plan for every eventuality. Why should things be any different here? They weren't and likely wouldn't ever be, if Eris being his neighbor was any standard to go off of. Which meant that Everett's plan to stay in and stay drunk as much as possible? Well, it wasn't going to work.

Wishing for Dull Moments

Who: Brody and Jeremy
When: Afternoon
Where: outside of the library

Brody wanted to read. And the library seemed like a good place to start... well, doing that. He had been in town a couple days already and had been preoccupied with buying normal stuff like groceries, visiting the church (some bad habits were harder to break than others) and reading the flux of incoming introductions from new residents on the computer - none of which he recognized so far. He had done pretty much everything he could at this point to keep himself busy, including washing his clothes at the laundromat and checking out the movie theater. But it was to the point where he wanted some books to fill the dull moments (of which he was silently hoping there were many) so he headed out to the library after a shower and some lunch.

It didn't take him very long inside to find a few books and get them checked out. However, he didn't want to go back home and sit inside and read. It was still relatively warm outside, despite the cloudy day, so he sat outside of the library, the chains on his jeans rattling as he got comfortable against the wall, knees drawn up and the book against his legs. He started reading, though his gaze lifted from the printed words every now and then to watch people pass by. He wasn't sure if he was waiting for a face he recognized, or for someone to talk to him. It was really a toss up.

somebody's paranoid

who: janie and jeremy
where: his house
when: afternoon

early morning twtiching...with coffee!

Who: Cheryl and Drew
When: Morning (?)
Where: Drew's house

Cheryl did exactly what she told herself she would do. She got up, showered, dried her hair and got dressed. And then she went to the park for awhile, trying to sort out her thoughts and dredge up some determination to be stronger about the entire situation. She thought of it as a self-motivating pep talk, which she realized halfway through was sort of pathetic, but if it worked, then who cared?

Morning In Crazytown

who: owen and janie
where: her house
when: morning

Flower power!

Who: Penny and Owen
When: Midday.
Where: Penny Royal's

He tried not to feel so nervous as he made his way over towards the flower shop. Clarkson had decided to stay at home, gifting him with a superior look and what looked like a promise to crap all over every piece of furniture she could find. He should probably pick up some flowers or something to make her forgive him. He tugged his gloves up a little more, his grip on his book tightening.

Selfish? (Private Entry)

He said his name was Jeremy. Stood tall and scared with the sun going down, like his shadow stretching out and looming over would smack him like father to child who misbehaves. Didn't say what he went through, didn't have to. Pain etches deep around the eyes; crow's feet. Crows feed on death, death's the runoff of pain and suffering, the final product of life.