October 5 2008

PM to Adam

When are the crops ready to be harvested? I'll get up there and help. No sense in not eating. I don't know my way around animals either but I can handle a feed bin, I'd imagine. Just tell me what you need.

If wishes were fishes I'd be up to my gills in fins.

Y'know what's stupid?

In the beginning, I didn't even -want- to go home. I was too worried about what they'd think of me. And with Clarkson and that its just that I didn't want to go. And now? I'd give anything to be able to get out of here in one piece. I think about Maroochydore beach back at home and think about that stupid monument with the toilet blocks underneath and wonder why I didn't think I could go back there.

So. Where are you guys from? I-. It might be hard to talk about, or y'may hate me for asking but


I'm volunteering my wonderfully able body...

Oo-err. Not like that. Unless you're particularly attractive... -winkwinknudgenudge-

yeah anyway, my introduction didn't go down swimmingly as I'd hoped, but I really do want to be useful. I know when we stopped getting food in my experiment we organised ourselves to go and find help as quickly as possible - well, as soon as there were enough co-henerent non-spazzing people to form a group that is. No offense to the spazzers :P

Are there plans to scout outside the town? Or go a-hunting or whatever?


who: brett and eris
where: the random church of DOOM
when: morning, throughout the day

Eris woke early. At least, she thought it was early. The light coming in from outside was muted at best, due to the stained glass, and there weren't any normal windows. Mostly what roused her was the sound of the wind, and the smell of something that made her stomach growl. So, slowly, she came awake, and she propped herself up on one arm, looking in the darkness of the building. She could see vague outlines, but not much more. The smell of food, however, was still strong, and she reached for her lighter, flicking it and she lit the candle that had been placed next to the pew she'd been using. Vaguely, she tried to remember when she got back the night before. Or if she remembered coming back at all.

That wonder died, however, when she saw up on the altar, there was a long table that hadn't been there before, the podium pushed off to the side. There were dishes there, covered, but obviously being kept heated. Standing, she silently moved a little closer towards the altar, but stopped when something else caught her attention. The door...well. I was different. Different in the way that it was sort of not looking like it was there anymore. A sick feeling rose up in her stomach, and she walked over closer, and saw a simple typed note tacked to the wall where the door used to be. "Relax, enjoy the food we've provided you. We will return to collect you later." was all it said. Drawing in a deep breath, she let it out slowly, fighting that sick feeling back down again, and she looked back over her shoulder at Brett. He was still asleep. Setting the candle down, she walked over, and sat down on the floor beside him, not actually moving to wake him. Instead she just sat there in the semi dark, eyes on him. This? Was not going to go well.

green or orange

Who: Ben and Dale
Where: Ben's place
When: Afternoon

Murderer (private)

I've been stalling. I've been GLAD for shit going crazy, for needing to be there for Janie, to sit at the jail and keep an eye on that cracked out little bitch in the cell. I haven't wanted to come home, because the moment I walk in I know the box is here. It's sitting right where I put it last night, before I went to see Janie. Haven't taken the belt out of it yet, I don't think I want to either. Just looking at does... plenty.

The state of things (public)

Well everybody, welcome to another day. We've got more shit to talk about, so I won't waste any pleasantries right now. First off, I've been at the station most of the morning, haven't checked these systems until now. So if there's anything that needs to be brought up, feel free to do it here. If I'm needed, I'll do what I can to help out.

Another Pair of Hands


Who: Camber and Lina
Where: The Garage
When: Mid-Morning

Camber looked at her printed-out map, fretting a little. Right then. Lina, at the garage. Between Jeremy and Dave, Camber knew where to go and who she was looking for, but beyond that she knew nothing about the woman she was going to be talking to.

Which Way I Ought to Go

Who: Tobias & Scott
Where: Corner of Middle Row and Main St, roamin’ roamin’ roamin’
When: Late Afternoon


There shall be some owen faffing about in here.