October 4 2008

i don't think any of us will ever be anyplace else

Who: Everett and Janie
Where: Janie's house
When: Evening

Reflecting on captivity.

Who: Svetlana
Where: In prison
When: After her "arrest"

Unexpected deliveries

Who: Everett, open to Bethany
Where: the bar
When: early evening

The rain needed to stop, in Ev's opinion. He was getting too old to keep trudging through it and letting it bring out every ache and pain. Too old to feel like dealing with getting sick, even if his surroundings were better. And it was too fitting of a frame for his thoughts and fears. The day had already been a mess between the reported disappearances and the check-up on Svetlana's house, and it wasn't over yet. It was, just like the weather, a steady downpour that would leave you soaked the longer you dealt with it.


Just before everything went to hell again I'd taken on a job at the library. I just went back there this morning to make sure everything is still standing and I thought I should let you all know that there are plenty of books there still. I haven't exactly taken inventory yet but I've seen a few books that could be helpful if our situation gets any worse or doesn't improve at all.

If you want to read up on survival, how to get certain things done, first aid or anything else you may want to drop by.

Rest in Peace

Who: Emma
When: Midday
Where: Cemetary

It didn't take long to find Torlin's grave.

It seemed so wrong that they all had to be buried here. Even in death they couldn't go home. Could anyone find peace laid to rest in this place?

Emma sat at Torlin's grave, and set a bouquet of roses beneath the headstone. She ran her fingers over the engravings, tracing her best friend's name. Finally losing her battle with her grief, Emma ducked her head and cried.

Burning the Cards of Fate


who: brett and eris
where: the middle of nowhere
when: early evening

Private messages.

[Private to Janie]

Hey. I just wanted to ask if there was anything you needed or anything I could do for you. I'm guessing things are really rough right now and I don't pretend to be able to do anything to really help but if you need food, company, anything... Just let me know.

You and Everett have been taking charge and, I have to admit, I've been reluctant to join out of fear... I guess of everything. The situation, everyone else. But I'd like to help and I think I'm ready, have to be ready. Is there anything specific that needs to be done?

Bear Hunting

Who: Owen and Chris
Where: Heading up towards the video store from the east side of hill street
When: Midday

help if needed

Well, here's my official entry saying if anyone needs anything, I'm here to help if you want me to. Dave, if there's anything at the hospital computer-wise that'll make things easier for you...or even just moving equipment around so that you don't have to wander through a whole hospital just in case, I can do that. I want to try writing a program for the comptuers that'll be a kind of panic button. I'm not entirely sure I can do it, but I figure it's worth a shot. Maybe something that if hit, will flash everyone's screens, or start up a sound. It's only a vague idea right now.

Could we start again, please?

Who: Drew and Jeremy
Where: Jeremy's house
When: Morning

Drew had woken up to Rin being gone. Which...was not good. It hit him hard, blindsided him in a way that he should have seen coming--but for some reason hadn't. But then again, how was one ever really prepared to deal with someone disappearing? It wasn't like it got easier with time, or quantity of people. That just...didn't work. He'd looked all over the house, then gone to the one she'd vacated before, and...nothing. No, she was gone. Removed, even. Fuck. He'd walked around for a while, feeling like he was in a daze, until he found himself on Jeremy's porch. He sat there on the front step for at least twenty minutes, just...staring out at nothing.