October 3 2008


Who: Nate and Indira
When: Midday
Where: Mini golf course office

After a morning spent cleaning up her place, Indira was more than ready to get out and get some fresh air for at least a few minutes; she had a headache from the cleaning gel's fumes and didn't want to sit around boring herself or reading journals - she'd heard talk of gun safety, but she hadn't gotten herself a weapon. Not when her aim was sure to be terrible.

Picking one of her headscarves in a rich teal, she wrapped and pinned it to cover all but her eyes, locking up behind herself as she left. She set out towards the park rather aimlessly, though despite trying to relax she kept a sharp eye on her surroundings. It ended up being that eye that kept her from walking around the corner and straight into a bear. A bear that was apparently just... walking around town.

let's hit the reset button

Who: Shane and Jillian
When: Morning
Where: Their place

Jillian had woken up early, right about the time Shane was heading out for his walk, and decided to take advantage of having the place to herself for a bit to do a little tidying up - taking care of the couple dishes they hadn't felt like dealing with last night, picking up her room and making the bed, and finding an antiquated vacuum that she pushed around the more commonly-used areas of the house.

Feeling productive, she changed into jeans and a tight, longsleeved hot pink tee with a black t-shirt on top, big white text on the chest advising the viewer to 'TRUST ME I'M A NINJA'. She made a few posts on the computer and then, finding herself with nothing else to do, pulled out her bass and plugged into the amp she'd more or less set up in the room where the stereo was. Plugging her iPod into the stereo, she pulled up her 'awesomesauce' playlist, comprised entirely of songs she could (and loved to) play, and commenced jamming.

Shane came in the back door, having skirted around and shit as he had gotten away from the crazy fucking bitch, and when he came in, he slammed the door shut, locked it, and went marching through the house to find Jillian. When he did, he grabbed her by the shoulders to turn her around towards him, and he looked her over, not rationally thinking it through that there was physically no real way he could have been the one who was hurt, but that concern was there. He also still had the bloody knife in his hand, and wasn't thinking about that either.

007. public entry.

There really is a bear. We didn't get many browns in Yellowstone, but there were plenty of black bears and grizzlies.

Yuck. [public]

Is there really a bear in town? Don't feed it, it'll lose its fear of humans. We used to get them in the outskirts of town near the Smokies when I was still living in NC.

I've been pretty sick the last couple of days. Think I slept through most of yesterday and the day before. Today's a little better, I don't hurt so bad. Think it's the flu?

First Night


Who: Brett and Eris
Where: Out of town
When: Night

They'd left the town behind. They'd driven until they'd run out of gas the first time. Then they'd filled the tank back up with what they'd packed, though that hadn't given them a second full tank. She'd driven them until the car sputtered and died, and then she just let it coast until it came to a full stop on it's own. Then she stuck it in park, and eyed the odometer. It'd be a long walk back, if they were planning that. Which she knew they weren't. She'd gotten a wagon like she'd wanted in town, and that helped for hauling. Made it a lot easier on her to walk, pulling that along behind her with everything they needed. The terrain wasn't necessarily good, but it was good enough that Brett could cover ground. Most of the day had been spent quietly, really, til it came time for them to set up for the night. How much ground they'd actually managed to cover she didn't know. Didn't actually matter, one way or another, so she didn't ask, either.

She'd set up the tent, and started a low fire, all the while trying to ignore all the aches in her frame, and the fact that her feet felt like hell. She hadn't had time to break her boots in properly, so while nicely supportive and all that good shit--she knew she had blisters. Bad ones, and she knew more than one had burst during the course of the day. She just hadn't opted to say anything. She wasn't going to start bitching now. Drinking some water from the canteen that she'd been nursing most of the day, she finally sat down, and a moment later, she slumped over onto her side, back to the fire. Staring out at nothing, she wondered just how hard it would be to get to the tent. She could skip eating, right? She didn't feel hungry. She probably was, but her stomach wasn't necessarily happy with her. Maybe she'd sleep right where she was. Brett could have the tent, he'd like the privacy.

Brett wheeled out of the darkness, having taken himself away to deal with various matters in some privacy, coping better than he'd feared, all things considered. In fact, today had been better than he'd feared - he'd actually been able to keep going, which was the best he could ask for, in his opinion. Well, other than a proper road, or real civilisation. But, the day had been clear, if cold, and he couldn't stop the remembrance of why it was he'd once loved being outside so much.



lalala the server ate my scene

how not to make a first impression

who: svetlana and shane
where: the streets, yo
when: early morning

Shane was out for a walk. Mostly because he'd been holed up with Jillian at his house for days now, and even if he'd (disturbingly) become a bit of a recluse, that didn't mean he had to stay that way. So, he was attempting to do little bits at a time. Like, going for a walk when alright, he wasn't exactly likely to meet anyone, but it was technically possible. Plus, he just needed space. Sometimes he felt a little claustrophobic, like the walls were closing in.

This of course was really special, considering when he was outside for too long he felt like he was far too exposed. How fucking awesome. An entire world of new and exciting Issues. He just didn't want to get them all over Jillian, so he was trying to deal on his own without visibly twitching too much. He walked along the sidewalk, hoodie's hood pulled up against the chill in the air, hands loosely in the front pocket. He'd been listening to his ipod, but had stopped, because the itching tendrils of paranoia had started to curl around him and he'd felt like someone could sneak up on him if he couldn't hear, so he'd shut it off. As he walked, that didn't help him at all as he glanced up and saw a figure up the sidewalk. Which he couldn't hear at all, they were being so quiet.

Svetlana was moving painfully slowly, for her standards. With every step her heavy and precious cargo threatened to smash into one another and she was freaking out about summoning people forth like some sort of...damn...dinner bell. Come and get it, psychos. She wished it hadn't taken so long for her to get out of Ben's house - the frosty sunlight made her anxious, and she wanted to go back to the bath. To eat and to sleep and to hide in the comforting gloom. So, when she noticed the approaching figure, a part of her thought that maybe she had fucked up. Bashed the cans together without realising. Or maybe he was just out walking. People did that, sometimes. Who was this new player? Threat?

She watched him. Hood up. Strong stride. Maybe he hadn't spotted her yet. Maybe he was blind or something. She pressed her back against the lamp-post she was standing next to, stiffened. Like Wile-E-Coyote. Not quite thin enough for the cartoon achievement of complete concealment, but perhaps close. Hidden and watching and waiting for the stupid Roadrunner.

Oh and there's a bear out here.

who: janie and everett and OPEN FOR BEARNESS!!
when: morning
where: his house to start

Janie had gotten up early, and had planned on doing some more work on the town's supplies and everything, more list making, trying to get things organized. She had done all of that, and was bringing it over to Everett's place, so they could look it over together, and share insights on the people they'd met last night. It was a thing. She was mildly distracted, however, at the sight of a bear wandering up the street. She stopped, eyed it for a few long moments as it walked along, and she just stared. "Huh." she said, then she turned and continued on her way. Well that was interesting. She'd figured they wouldn't be dealing with crazy bears for a while yet. Guess she was wrong there. Walking up Everett's steps, she knocked on the door, the shotgun she'd taken the night before over her shoulder.

Inside, Ev was busy brushing a towel over his freshly shaved head, turning to each side to inspect his scalp critically. He was actually somewhat hopeful today, inspired by the turnout at the church yesterday and crossing his fingers for more of the same today. The knock at the door was a surprise, and Ev breezed from the bathroom to answer, wondering who it was and what crisis had them seeking him out. He snagged the remnants of a cup of coffee as he moved, swinging the door wide and grinning down at Janie with her gun. "Just couldn't wait to start blowing holes in things, hm?" he asked in greeting, stepping aside to let her in.

She smiled brightly back at him. "Oh, I just figured I'd get used to the weight." she said cheerfully. "I have more plans drawn up! Oh and there's a bear out here." she added, looking up the street towards the thing, which was in, fact, making it's way towards them by now. It wasn't charging or anything, it looked more lost to Janie than angry and grry, but it was a big ass bear. "I didn't have any honey." she told Everett, looking back at him.

Things Have Changed

Who: Cheryl and Jeremy
When: Morning
Where: Jeremy's house

Cheryl was well beyond unnerved. She had hidden away in her house for awhile, gnawing at her nails until they were bitten down to the fingers and then cleaning her "house" until her muscles ached. She didn't know why she was doing what she was doing, all she knew was that it helped take some of the tension out of her body. She wasn't sure what to make of what was happening around town, and she couldn't bring herself to arming herself either. A part of her felt like she didn't deserve to have protection, but then again, she was in the same boat as everyone else. She wasn't watching this time. She hadn't slept in almost two days but for a few hours here and there, and she was determined not to unload on Drew or Jeremy, neither of which she had seen much of other than when they came to check on her before. After awhile though, it became too much to bear and she left her house, crossing through the yard that separated them, to knock on Jeremy's door. Cheryl felt if she didn't talk, or have some kind of human contact, she was going to end up going crazy and having another breakdown, and she didn't want to end up in that hospital again.

Awkward Conversations

Who: Drew and Emma
When: Midday
Where: Drew's house

After getting settled in her new home, Emma had spent the past couple of days orienting herself to the situation, and after that, there were two things she knew she needed to do. One, unfortunately, was going to have to wait until there wasn't a bear roaming about. The other was more doable - especially since Lina had loaned Emma her car. After taking a look at the town map, she headed to Drew's house. She didn't even know if he'd be there, but she wanted to try. Once she was standing at his door she took a deep breath, and rang the bell. Here goes nothing.

Drew wasn't expecting anyone. He really wasn't expecting anyone considering there was a bear in town. That generally put people off of the wandering around bit. Really, it was common sense. But, someone was ringing the doorbell. And not, he noted, pounding on the door like Jeremy had the other day. So, he wandered over, peeking through the side window before he even went near the door, paranoid habits still fully in play in his system. Especially after the whole empty town, 'hey this isn't over' neon sign had gotten lit. Seeing the blonde there had his hear skipping a beat a bit. Jesus, she was one of the last people he'd expected to see. Or, alright, maybe Holly was the last person he expected to see. But Emma was pretty close. Moving for the door, he opened it, up, then quickly looked around just to be sure that she didn't have her machete weilding boyfriend in tow. Because that would suck. "Um. Hi?" he suggested, also kinda looking for the bear, because hey. That was the last thing he needed. To not be hunted down by Lina and everyone else, but then be held responsible for Emma being mauled by a rogue bear. That would totally be awesome and what the hell was she doing here anyways? And had she put on weight?