The world's worst marching band

Who: Scott and anyone who cares to join in
Where: Same place as yesterday
When: Early, about 7-ish. Coffee time.

Scott had gotten up early to take a bath and shave what little hair he had left on his head. He'd kept it shaved for years, but lately the job seemed to be taking about a third of the time it had taken him when he was younger. He'd gotten dressed, wearing the same outfit he'd worn yesterday, although he didn't remember hanging it up. He figured he'd be the nice guy and make coffee for the others, get a nice smell going in the house.

Meet the new house, same as the old house...

Who: Open to Leah, Saj, Scott, Trent, and Will.
When: Morning
Where: 2 Oakdale Drive



Who: Leah and Trent
Where: Out Wandering
When: Early Afternoon

Even with the warning she had heard about that there was a bear wandering around the town, Leah wanted to get out and about today a little. She locked up her door in hopes of preventing anyone from taking what food she had stored away, and, bundled up this time, went out for a walk. She didn't want a repeat of the other day when she rushed outside with no coat on or anything, so maybe daily walks were a good idea for now.



lalala the server ate my scene

First Customer!

Who: Dale and Trent
Where: Trent's salon
When: Afternoon

Is it a Zombie Apocalypse?

Who: Trevor and Trent
When: 9:30
Where: The streets of the nameless town

Supervised Playtime FTL


Who: Gavin and open!
When: morningtime
Where: the Town Hall games room

Forced interaction? Was total shit. Gavin had not been happy at all to be woken up early and told that he and Janie had to get dressed and come to the town hall to mingle. Reintegration his flat white ass. He'd even been looking forward to his first afternoon working at the bowling alley, but nooooo, he had to go. Or it was Strongly Suggested, and those two words had come to carry retarded amounts of weight in places like this. He'd complied, but not quietly, bitching nearly the entire walk there.

He'd wandered through the rooms, losing track of Janie somewhere along the way. But he wasn't too worried about it here, what with the whole supervised playtime of it all. He'd found the games room and glee'd briefly that they had video games, only to find that the single-player mode in Gears of War had been locked out of it. "Fucking balls," he muttered through his teeth, and twisted on the couch to look around for someone who might look like they needed to shoot things with ridiculously large guns.