Duty Calls

Who: Seth
When: early early morning
Where: Everett's house

The ding of his computer had woken Seth up early. Very early, before the sun. He read the note on it in the dark, and felt a surge of satisfaction and purpose. They wanted him to do something. He had a task. He'd taken the box out from under his bed, examining the replica guns by lamplight. They certainly were realistic. Weighted more than perfectly, etched with brand names ... they even smelled right. Seth would've been more impressed if he hadn't known already what the scientists could do. Not wasting any time, in the wee hours of the morn, he got dressed all in black, hefted the box, and headed out.

Making the best of it.

Who: Seth and Brody
When: afternoon
Where: the Town Hall movie room

Seth surprisingly hadn't argued when the town officials showed up at his door and informed him of what was going on today. He wasn't thrilled with it, but maybe he could turn it into an opportunity. If he was going to be used ever again, he'd have to know these people. So it was a chance to watch. Without looking like he was watching.

Keeping that in mind, he mingled through the rooms here and there, not really introducing himself to anyone or interacting much. Just examining things with a Coke in his hand and listening. He'd ended up settling in the room that they were showing movies in, slouched in a chair with one boot up on another one. He wasn't even really paying attention to the sci-fi slop; his mind was elsewhere. But he was there, waiting for either something to happen or for them to be allowed to go home.



Who: Nate and Seth
When: afternoon
Where: the bar!

Seth had spent most of the morning hankering for a beer. It was some combination of boredom and restlessness. He could've bought some at the store, probably, but he wanted a beer in a bar, which was a different experience altogether. Unfortunately, consulting the map he'd been provided, the only bar was most of the way across town. He considered hoofing it, but didn't really feel like it. So he used it as an excuse to fire up the ancient monster in the driveway and see how she ran. Which was decent enough, though the lack of power steering was something he missed. He parked at the bar, pocketed his keys, and walked in, glancing around.

Yeah, it wasn't the classiest of places, but that could be forgiven. At least it was empty. He headed for the bar, ordered his drink, and sat to listen to the dismal selection that somebody had started up on the juke.

Good Grocery Times

Who: Hadley and Seth
When: mid-morning
Where: the grocery store

So here he was. He had his house. He had a car that looked like it was going to collapse at any second, and he had his money. Hopefully, he'd also have something to do in this town while they tried to find their asses with both hands. His annoyance at being delayed in moving on was dulled by the sense of anticipation that came from living amongst some of the people he'd watched for so long. And there were more. Other experiments. Ones that made him very curious. What they went through, how bad it all was, whether or not B had the highest body count or what. All things Seth hoped to find out eventually.

Regardless of all that, he needed groceries. The "burgers" at the diner had given him a stomachache already. He needed real food. So Seth was pushing the cart through the big-enough grocery store as his eyes scanned the shelves, the white earbuds to his music player stuck firmly in his ears.

Shopping for food was not high on Hadley's list of things she wanted to do. But given she needed food to survive, she figured it was necessary. She couldn't spend all of her time at the bar living off a diet of nicotine and alcohol. Not healthy at all. So she trudged her way to the grocery store after showering and digging through her clothes to find something decent to wear. Pulling on a blue sweater over her Guns n' Roses t-shirt, she put her tousled hair into pigtails, pulled on a pair of black pants and finally headed out.