Find the center

Who: Ronnie and open
Where: the park on Park & Oakdale
When: morning

She'd had the dream again. She couldn't help it, it came when it wanted to and always left her the same. Jessie was small again, no more than two or three, small enough that plenty of night she curled up in bed with Ronnie. Jesse was still there, though he'd never really left, but in the dream? They were engaged, things seemed great, and that made waking all the worse.


Who: Jesse and Ronnie
Where: Ronnie's room
When: late at night

It was late. Way late, actually. After midnight late. But Jesse was trudging along, the cold doing a whole lot to wake him up properly, and while he still had the lingering effects of the massive amount of alcohol he'd killed earlier, he was mostly sober. And he was looking for Ronnie. He'd gone on the computer, found out where she was, and was trying to follow the directions he'd written down for himself. He'd also found out that after he'd left after sending her his apologies, she'd written back to him.


PM to Jesse

Jesse, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to snap at you. I feel... I don't know. Scared, definitely. I just woke up here an hour ago, and there were these pictures? And I'm scared, I don't know where Jessie is and it terrifies me. I hoped, every day when I was gone, that you'd backed out, that you had her and the two of you were safe. So when you showed up on my screen? God, it makes me want to cry again.

Hello? (public)

The house is quiet now, the others have gone to see the decorations, whatever they are. I didn't like doing this before, in the other place, but if Cheyenne's here then maybe other people from before are too? And Tobias told me there'd been... other experiments? Which means there's more here still. So, whether I've met you before or not, hello. My name's Veronica, I was in one of the experiments, and now I feel like I've walked into an AA meeting. Or started one. Whichever, I just know I'm feeling saner with a cup of coffee in hand.

Wakey wakey

Who: Ronnie and open to her housemates (good for multiples)
Where: 10 Park Road
When: morning

She woke early, oblivious to the new surroundings in the depths of lingering sleep. When held against the lodgings of the rescue effort, a bed was a bed and it was a step up in Veronica's world. Her first few minutes of wakefulness were slow and unaware, spent with her eyes shut and her blanket tugged tight around her. It wasn't the first time she'd wake up thinking she was at home, really, but it wouldn't last either.