It's too quiet.

Without the rain it's very quiet out with everyone gone. Well, not everyone, but lots of people. I think maybe even the town is waiting for bad things to happen now? I don't know.

If anyone wants to know where I am, Drew said that I could stay with him for a little while, so I'm at his house. Everyone feels very spread out now. Maybe we should fill up all the houses closest together instead of staying at the ones they put us at? So we know where everyone is. In case people start getting lost or taken away.

I didn't go to the meeting, but I should have. I'm sorry.

rin and drew

who: rin and drew
where: drew's house
when: morning

The town's abrupt abandonment, complete with a temporary loss of power, had sent Rin back into bad nights and nightmares - like most of the rest of the experiment's survivors, probably. But her time in the House served her well enough that once Drew showed up, she managed to pull it together, gather the candles and flashlights she'd thought to get from town, and tried to seem like she wasn't going to fall apart when Drew brought his friends over.

Everyone Has to Shop. . .


who: rin and jason
where: the grocery store
when: morning

In which there is measuring.


Who: Jack and Rin
When: Early afternoon
Where: Rin's House

Checking in


who: drew and rin(hopefully!)
where: her house
when: mid-day

My house is kind of pretty.

I know they said that this is home now, and that the worst parts are over, but it seems like most people don't really believe that? I want to, but it's hard, after how things were at the house. I've only been here a couple of days - but it is nice. I've never had my own house before. I'm glad it's across the street from the cemetery though, and not right against it. And my things were all here when I got here. Even some stuff I thought had been lost in the fire. Is everyone getting their own house? I wonder if they'll run out.