nate and seth



Who: Nate and Seth
When: afternoon
Where: the bar!

Seth had spent most of the morning hankering for a beer. It was some combination of boredom and restlessness. He could've bought some at the store, probably, but he wanted a beer in a bar, which was a different experience altogether. Unfortunately, consulting the map he'd been provided, the only bar was most of the way across town. He considered hoofing it, but didn't really feel like it. So he used it as an excuse to fire up the ancient monster in the driveway and see how she ran. Which was decent enough, though the lack of power steering was something he missed. He parked at the bar, pocketed his keys, and walked in, glancing around.

Yeah, it wasn't the classiest of places, but that could be forgiven. At least it was empty. He headed for the bar, ordered his drink, and sat to listen to the dismal selection that somebody had started up on the juke.